Mission #1: Final Report

Phew! So there goes my first monthly mission and boy was it interesting choosing vegetarian. Some friends went along with me and I’m grateful they deprived themselves of meat just to eat out with me or come to my first dinner event.

Somehow I made room for more restaurants than expected, from recommendations and my own searches, and they were all interesting discoveries.

IMG_0126 copy

I discovered that most vegetarian restaurants serve Asian food, thus making the food quite broad and accesible. I also found some restaurants could be a tad expensive.

I even challenged myself further by trying to order vegetarian meals at everyday restaurants.

So which place did I like the most? I think for its price, quality of food and unique venue that it must go to Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery. The laksa was great and the service was swift.

IMG_0154 copy

You can check out all the places I visited below in case you missed out:
Miss Jackson/Royal Melbourne Hotel/Rice Workshop
N & N Vietnamese Kitchen
Lentil As Anything (Preston)
Shakahari Too
Yong Green Food
Gong De Lin

My inspiration for my first mission was from my work for the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne, which is starting this Thursday at Kino Cinemas, Collins Place!


And if you’re wondering what my next mission is for September, here’s a few picture clues. Stay tuned!



4 responses to “Mission #1: Final Report”

  1. Katie M says:

    I love Yongs! Although I usually end up at Vegie Bar as it’s slightly cheaper and has more seating space. I’ll have to give their laksa a try though!

    • Monique says:

      The laksa I had was from Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery 🙂 Yes I tried to get into Vegie Bar one night but it was an hour wait so ended up at Madame K’s vegetarian just across the road haha!

  2. Hungrycookie says:

    Oooh that looks really good. Will let my vego friends know about this one. https://www.facebook.com/hungrycookiee

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