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The other week I finally managed to take a breather for dinner by catching up with a dear friend, as a belated birthday thing.


With the freedom to choose a place, I went through my forever extending “to-go-list” and noticed Mr Huang Jin had been sitting there for a while, ever since it opened and all the other bloggers were all over it. So wanting to a go to a nicer Asian restaurant, and not one of the many fusion Thai places that I always go to, this place sounded worth a try.


It seems the hype has died down dramatically as we seemed to be the first customers in for the night, but then it was quite early at just after 5pm.


Curiously, I asked my friend if she liked fried food as I know a lot of healthy-conscious people. Lucky for me she exclaimed, “Are you kidding me? Of course I like fried stuff!” Cue to order Taiwanese Fried Chicken (above, $11)!

I loved the bite sized pieces and extra crunchy exterior. But I also loved the sweet chilli mayo to dip it in, it seems I have a preference for any mayonnaise type of sauces.


What I was looking forward to most was the unique types of xiao long bao that are offered. For those who aren’t familiar, they are dumplings with some soup inside of them, and the idea is to drink the soup before eating the entire dumpling.

What was unique was the different soup flavours. The above ones were full of English Black Tea (5 pieces for $14) and were quite interesting. We left the dumplings for a bit to cool down but then found the paper stuck to our dumplings. It was a battle to pick them up without some soup spilling out.


I chose the pork xiao long bao with laksa (5 pieces for $11). It was creative to have such a different soup encased in a dumpling, and I enjoyed the laksa flavour. It was only a little chilli but it was a bit too spicy for my friend.

She is actually Malaysian so I made the generic assumption that she likes laksa, but she said there is so much more to Malaysian food than spicy food!


The noodles with lamb in Taiwanese BBQ sauce ($14) were kind of forgettable and quite small, but at this point I was pretty satisfied from dumplings and fried chicken, so it did the trick in providing a little something to make me full.

Mr Huang Jin is a lovely place but after one visit and the novelty of the xiao long bao, you would probably prefer to visit Chinatown and get much better value for money.

Mr Huang Jin is located at 525 Collins St at the Ground Floor of the Rialto and just across from Hare and Grace. They are open for lunch weekdays and dinner 5-10pm Mon-Sat.

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