Mission #2: Jam and Cream Caravan

Finally my outdoors mission begins! And it all begins at a place I’ve previously been to before, but definitely do not mind returning to, Jam and Cream.


This lovely place, known for its scones, has an L shaped yard full of cute features, from colourful kids’ tables to a pink caravan.


It was a little busy, so when we arrived the caravan had the only suitable space free. We loved the idea of being in the caravan, but it was also attracting a lot of flies. I’d hate to think what it’d be like in summer!


Nevertheless we grew accustomed to the girly and old fashioned interior with floral curtains, knitted pillows and pink tables.

caravan inside

You really get the best value from the nanna’s platter ($28) of ten scones, which we ordered last time. Even though it says it is for two, it is easily shared between a group of people. There was about five of us and we also ordered two extra serves of scones!


One was the Florence ($13.95), which we also ordered last time, accompanied by its excellent espresso sauce. This sauce is probably what made this a favourite. The savoury ones on the platter were still the least favourite but fortunately this platter also included a serve of the Florence!

Last time, they warned us that the platter is just a random assortment of scones, so you never really know what you will get except that it will include sweet and savoury.


We also ordered a serve of the May ($13.95) scones – the sweet scones are named with old fashion ladies’ names. These were the lemon and poppyseed scones and the coat of seeds practically shook off with every movement. They weren’t too bad but I would have preferred the lemon sauce to be a bit more tangy.


The staff were lovely as we stayed slightly over their closing time, but we observed that they released their animals, chooks and geese, to allow them to eat up any scraps. Genius!

My one gripe is that the timeliness of service hasn’t been great either times. I understand the wait for scones but our drinks are often forgotten or take a while to arrive.
duckI would much prefer to be in the outdoor area here compared to the inside, which looks a bit claustrophobic and squishy.

The outdoor area has a lot more colour and character, allowing a relaxed vibe as well as providing a child-friendly space. I just wish more places on this side of town would do something similar with their outside space. Unless my readers know of some – please let me in on the secret!

More outdoors adventures coming soon including my high tea event this weekend!

Jam and Cream is located at 1 Orr St, Heidelberg Heights. They are open Tue-Fri 8.30am-4pm and Sat-Sun 9.30am-5pm.

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8 responses to “Mission #2: Jam and Cream Caravan”

  1. Jess Carey says:

    OMG!! How have I never heard of this place?!?! I even used to live in Heidelberg!!! It’s so cute!!!! Cannot wait to give this a try now!!!

  2. Hungrycookie says:

    The Farm cafe at the Collingwood Children’s farm is another great outdoors cafe : )

  3. thisluxlife says:

    Oh wow love this caravan!!!! I love pink things soooo much!! Amanda http://thisluxlife.com x

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  5. OMG what an awesome space & of course accomplished photos thereof, that color scheme is right up my street!
    10 scones does seem a lot for 2 people…

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