Mission #2: Trunk Diner

When it’s Friday…and you’re trying to wake up EARLIER than you usually do for work for brunch, Struggletown ensues. It’s no surprise that I forgot to bring my new camera in my haste, thus I was left to utilise the old tool – my Samsung Galaxy Note.


But this would do! On my next stop for Mon’s Misison, I thought of the lovely Trunk Diner as worth a shot for brunch. My memory vaguely recalled a good meal here during my uni days. There are two separate sections, the Trunk Restaurant (the building below) and the Trunk Diner (following picture).



And in between is a colourful beer garden with cute stripey umbrellas to go with the American diner theme. The diner is a lovely spot as it is protected from the Melbourne weather but it’s glasshouse style and view of the beer garden ensures you can still lap up some sunshine.

beer gardenDespite its American theme, evident in its lunch menu of burgers etc, the breakfast menu exhibits more of a Mexican influence (click below).


To start off we ordered a latte and an iced coffee. The latte was a bit milky, which is not what I like, but the friend who ordered it does. The iced coffee was a bit bland, like one anyone could make at home and not presented well either. What was good about it was that the caffeine really hit me straight after for a wakeup.


My friend tried the Mexican Scrambled Eggs ($13.50) with eggs, bacon, jalapenos, tomato and more wrapped in tortilla. For some reason the description sounded great but the result looked similarly bland and unexciting as the iced coffee.

huevosrancheros I feel my Huevos Rancheros ($18.50) also had similar ingredients, hence why our dishes came out so fast. The food wasn’t that hot and it just seemed lacklustre from the beans to the fried egg. I like the tortilla bread so that would probably be my favourite part, eating it with the baked beans!


I’d heard of a Huevos Rancheros at Brother Alec in Thornbury, and it seems to be one of the popular dishes, there so wouldn’t mind giving it a try somewhere closer to home. Check it out here.


I haven’t tried the fancier Trunk Restaurant and Bar, so maybe I’ll end up there one day. Despite this occasion, I recall trying some waffles here last time which were excellent, albeit two or three years ago.

Perhaps breakfast is safer for the pancakes and quesadillas, and for the American burgers and hot dogs at lunch, but probably steer clear of these dishes.

Trunk Diner is located 275 Exhibition St and is open 7.30am-10pm weekdays and 8am-10pm weekends.

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  1. Naw! How disappointing! I have heard good things about their luncg menu for sure though.

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