Mission #4: Grand Trailer Park Taverna

The final instalment of my Other Bloggers mission! I finally got to meet allergicinmelbourne, who I often interact with in blog comments and on Instagram.

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Also known as Karma, I was glad my fellow foodie had some ideas of where to meet up. I agreed with the Grand Trailer Park Taverna, and as I saw its entrance wedged between shops and walked upstairs, I felt like this was a great choice with its disco glow and fairy lights.

20141121_164848Silly me didn’t expect such a cute and retro design at this fresh new burger joint and I immediately regretted not bringing the camera as Karma snapped away. Apologies for the bad lighting phone photos instead!

20141121_164755I enjoyed getting to know Karma a bit better and finding out things outside of our love for food such as how she helped to organise part of PAX and that she will be visiting America next year. Karma’s stance on blogging? She loves to try write about most places that she goes – why waste an opportunity after all?

20141121_165123The place was bigger than expected for a burger spot and had many places to sit, from the balcony overlooking Bourke St to the caravan-like booths.

Karma and I chose the booth below, which happened to match her fashionable blue outfit. She said no one really served her or came over to let her know how it works but perhaps they could tell she was waiting for someone.

We went up to the counter to order and asked the staff about what were the popular items. The staff were friendly and made conversation, letting us know that they had only been open for a few days but had been quite busy.

20141121_165311 20141121_165330

Not being too hungry (it was my farewell day at work so I was full from lunch), I tossed up between a standard cheese burger and a different sounding beef and lamb burger.

My internal battle with burgers is usually, “Should I really spend that much on a burger?” The rebuttal, “But my foodie duty is to try the new, hip things!” Thus, I ended up with the JIRO: beef pattie, Swiss cheese, braised lamb and truffled cayenne mayonnaise ($16.50, below).

20141121_170540It is supposed to be on a white bun but they ran out, thus I accepted the brioche bun replacement. I think the slight sweetness of the brioche made the burger’s flavours a bit too overpowering whilst a white bun would have not made a fuss.

I did still enjoy my burger immensely but felt like it was a lot of meat – so good for the boys! Or for me when I’m hungrier. It just meant that but the time I got 80% through the burger that it felt a little repetitive with the overload of meat. I may have just not been in the mood for it, but I would like to try some of their other burgers with more ingredients!
20141121_170436 Meanwhile Karma had one of their more cheeseburger-like items, the KSA – beef pattie, cheese, special sauce, mustard, tomato and butter lettuce on brioche ($12.50) for something a little lighter.

I love how the sauce just oozed out and that the cheese was also melted – it looked divine! As we ate, about three different staff walked past and asked if we were enjoying our meal. We’re not sure if the staff assumed we were bloggers as we snapped away or they were genuinely interested in feedback after opening, but I guess it was nice of them to check up on customers!


I would love to go back when I have a full appetite so I can try another massive burger, some desserts and maybe even a spiked milkshake. I loved the atmosphere and can’t wait to introduce it to another friend, and also to meet Karma again sometime!

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna is open Tues-Sat 11.30am-late. Check out their food menu here and drinks menu here.

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10 responses to “Mission #4: Grand Trailer Park Taverna”

  1. Jess Carey says:

    Ohh I’ve been looking forward to trying this place out! Looks so lovely inside and those burgers look amazing… will have to make sure I go on an empty stomach 😉

  2. I’m a fan of allergicinmelbourne’s blog too!

  3. Loved it! But I gotta take a break from burgers… And fried chicken hahaha!

  4. You have to be the nicest person alive! Thanks so much for the lovely words! It was so lovely meeting you. : D
    Also! Fantastic blog post! If you head back and try the desserts, tell me about them! They look pretty damn amazing.
    Btw- I finally got WordPress to work and have posted! Here is the link if you are interested. : D https://allergicinmelbourne.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/grand-trailer-park-taverna/

    See you around!

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