Scarf Community Dinner

The other week, I was fortunate to meet up with a few other #ladieswhoblog with the help of a unique dining concept. I met with

– Jess from ordinarygirlextraordinarydreamer.com
– Cass from hungrycookie.net
– Terri from littlewanderings.com
– Sheena from chasingaplate.com (who I have met before)

Jess came up with the idea to attend a Scarf dinner after attending an event in the past. Scarf helps disadvantaged youths, such as asylum seekers, gain experience in hospitality. Thus the special nights are sponsored by restaurants who provide a space to hold the event and also training in the art of serving tables.


It’s a great cause and this particular Scarf dinner was held at Green Park Dining in Carlton. $40 for two dishes may seem a bit expensive but in the end, it is something that matters and I find worth paying for. On a side note – loved the cute little napkins with a scarf-like ribbon. By chance, I happened to get purple, my favourite!

It’s amazing the world that blogging leads you to. It is through a hobby like this that you are able to connect with people from completely different fields, who you would not have necessarily met otherwise. A mix of people from law, advertising and travel all at the same table? Preposterous.

I have interacted with some of these ladies via Instagram and blog comments before, so it was great finally putting faces to blogs – seriously, that’s how bloggers introduce themselves, by blog name.

Because of this common connection and hobby, things are not awkward and we chat about everything from our jobs, to a Youtube video about a passionate potato farmer and the inevitable Game of Thrones.

Our waitress of the night takes our orders, but is a little timid, understandably. She speaks softly but she hears and confirms our orders fine. There are two options for both the entree and main, and our table chose a mixture of dishes.


For entree, I detoured the beetroot salad. The following night I played my first netball match in years, which made me realise how unfit I am, so this was a mistake. Instead, I chose the chicken liver parfait, onion jam and house bread. I cannot say no to meat even in parfait form!

They provide you with a LOT of parfait, and luckily it had a nice, strong yet smooth liver taste.


For the main dish I chose the braised beef chin, cauliflower, hazelnuts and smoked bacon. The beef was so soft, it fell delicately apart with one touch of the spoon. The sauce had a light gravy taste and was just enough to mix with all the ingredients – a fine dish!


The other option was a gnocchi dish with pumpkin and browned butter, which I didn’t get to snap but you can check it out on Jess‘ and Cass‘ writeups.


Initially we thought there was no dessert, but the coffee/tea menu was presented to us afterwards. Coffee was by the popular new cafe, The Vertue of Coffee and Drink, but it was too late in the night for that, so I opted for a floral tea.

Cass and I decided we still had room for the one dessert option – a yogurt cheesecake.

It was a decent serving to fill our separate dessert stomachs and it was a perfect deconstructed version of the usual cheesecake. I love the crumble mixed with the smoother yogurt texture and it was beautifully presented.


It did cost extra for tea and dessert, making it over $50 for dinner, but a night meeting great new people and for a good cause is priceless.

Don’t miss out on Scarf’s remaining Autumn dinners by booking here. Otherwise, they’ll be back for Winter dinners so look out!

You can also follow their Instagram to get to know the community and trainees on a bit more of a personal level!


And don’t forget to check out the blogs of all these fellow #ladieswhoblog, each with their own style and story : ) (And thanks to the lad who took this photo of us, another friendly trainee!)

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*Sorry for the lower quality photos, but I didn’t want to distract a nice laidback night with my big camera!

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  1. Jess says:

    Awesome write up Mon, had me giggling all over again about the potato guy! It was a great night 🙂

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