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Burgers. Burgers are becoming more and more popular in Melbourne with each passing day, with Instagrams dedicated to finding the best one and enthusiastic punters searching to destroy all the burger challenges.

But when JD’s invited me to try their burgers I was pretty excited. I’d seen photos of it on other people’s Instagrams and the idea of Asian fusion burgers fascinated me, as their menu sounded quite more full of flavour and extensive than Thaiger (which disappointed me on a second try).

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Located in Kew, it’s not quite where you would imagine such a place. Across the road is Ora, a popular brunch cafe I’ve been meaning to try, and more in line with the style I associate with Kew.

It’s nothing flashy, with a few indoor and outdoor seats, but it’s a burger place and the down-to-earth vibe is probably what you want over that fancy schmancy restaurant. On their shop window is a sign that states they’ve been voted in the top 5 burgers in both 2014-2015.

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The various burgers are plastered across the shop and one can not help but spot the picture of a burger tower called the Legendary Super Saiyan, challenging you before you step into the store. I would like to enjoy my burger, not die from diabetes, but if this is your thing and you do it in less than 13 minutes, you get the burger for free and your name on a wall of fame!

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I don’t need to ask what burgers are the most popular, because the menu tells me that. They weren’t the most interesting Asian fusion flavours – but still delicious sounding beef burgers.


We weren’t extremely hungry so my friend and I felt our duty was to test the more unusual flavours, so we skipped the best sellers. If they’re already popular, there’s no need for us to be added to the list of fans!

Despite telling our host, Brenda, I like beef, the fusion flavours mainly involved chicken, which I didn’t mind. She asked if we needed cutlery, to which we refused. We were here for business.

20150418_133033My friend decided to have the Tempura Fish Fillet burger after the large picture in the store swayed him. This had tartare sauce, special mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce and American cheese in a brioche bun.

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It’s pretty impressive, a beautifully battered fish sticking out of the buns. My friend said it was the juiciest tomato he ever ate and that it made the burger quite good (strange right?). It was pretty much like fish and chips in a burger.

Oh yes, we definitely ordered chips. My friend thinks burger places often have the worst chips, but these were great!

I like my chips fat and these beer battered versions were. To add to that they have a nice salty crispiness.

Meanwhile, I had my heart set on the Korean bulgogi burger or Volcano Burger. This involved Korean bulgogi sauce, JD’s Red dragon sauce, special mayonnaise, cheese, tomato, lettuce and caramelised onion in brioche.

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All those sauces combined and went Super Saiyan to become an awesome sauce. The first bite ensured all the sauces dripped out messily but who cares? It was deliciously messy. Maybe we should have accepted that cutlery but on the other hand – no regrets!

It was red, it was saucy and the flavour bombarded my tastebuds. It was also a tad spicy but I’m pretty weak, it’s nothing a sip of water won’t fix. This is usually the case when I eat Korean food.

I heard they were opening a store in the CBD but apparently this is tentative. I would be pretty excited for that, to give more fusion flavours a go.

They are definitely opening another in Mont Albert and if the CBD store doesn’t go ahead, then the Kew store will start doing dinner. At the moment they close at 2.30pm, so there’s no late night burger fix available. If they were located a little closer I would definitely return, but I guess Kew isn’t too far from the north!

JD’s Burgers is located at 85 Willsmere Rd, Kew and is open Mon-Sat 6.30am-2.30pm. Take a look at their menu here.

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*Mon’s Adventure was invited as a guest of JD’s Burgers. All my opinions are my own.

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