Mission #5: Richmond & Tasman Peninsula

Port Arthur takes more than a day to explore. Our second day there was Christmas Day, but a warning – not all buildings are open to the public despite the site being open. It seems this way because of lack of staff.

This means on our second day, we had some time to spare after finishing Port Arthur quite quickly. First we decided to take a little roadtrip to Richmond, an old historic town often recommended by locals and home to Australia’s oldest bridge, which was built by convicts.

IMG_7703 copyIMG_7691 copyIMG_7701 copyThe town’s buildings are old and rustic, emanating a similar feel to Port Arthur. In fact Hobart, Richmond and Port Arthur are part of a tourist route called the Convict Trail, so it’s no surprise.

IMG_7686 copyIMG_7685 copyUnsurprisingly there was nothing open except one pub that was closing around 3pm. This made the town eerily quiet except cars passing through and other tourists strolling around.

IMG_7681 copyVerdict? Perhaps visit another day to truly enjoy the cute and small town atmosphere. I’m sure the vintage shops and some scones will help complete the atmosphere!

On our drive back we decided to drop by some lookouts around Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman Peninsula.

IMG_7767 copyEach spot seemed to have a carpark and short walk. The entries are off Arthur Highway and along small, windy and hilly roads, still suitable for our campervan but requiring cautious driving as always.

IMG_7735 copyIMG_7743 copyThe places we visited included the Blowhole (above), Tesselated Pavement, Tasman Arch and Devil’s Kitchen (I wouldn’t want to fall into there…). Take a look at some views below!

IMG_7719 copyIMG_7721 copyIMG_7764 copyIMG_7763 copyIMG_7776 copy 220141225_172037

These spots are nice to drive to and take in the scenery. I did read about some hikes, but we didn’t try any as it was late in the day.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Now we edge closer to the end of my Tasmanian adventures (finally right?). The next post will be back to the beginning of our loop – Hobart! And then hopefully I can do a bit of a summary and a roundup of the campervan sites we stayed in. Until then!

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  1. Awesome blog post! The places you have visited in your Mission-5 are amazing!

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