Mission #5: Hobart

The end of the circle – Hobart! Most people will tell you to not spend long in Hobart, but we had a day to waste before our flight, so we dropped by MONA and Mure’s Upper Deck for dinner.

Of course we had heard of its quirkiness, and I love weird things. But still – I didn’t have it too high on my list of things to do in Tasmania, because I felt like I was more there for the nature.

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I read that parking is not great, and not wanting to risk our campervan, we paid a bit extra for the ferry. I did love the graffiti art on board but the coffee, not so much. I was missing Melbourne coffee terribly.

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The fun thing when you start, is that they provide you with an iPhone with a GPS that recognises what artwork you are near. It then provides a list so you can click on them for more information. Very smart. There’s also audio if you want to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

IMG_7887 copyThere were many sections to explore and some of the creations were quite abstract but thought-provoking, others a little lost on us. Perhaps the most anti-climatic exhibit I found was the Death Room.

IMG_7947 copy

With a long line and 30-40min wait to see the museum’s most prized artefact, when someone tells me I’m going to see the inside of a mummy, that is what I expect to see. But it was more a projection of what it might look like inside. Above is part of the room, but not the final artefact – I don’t want to spoil it!

Another memorable display is the Cunts…and other conversations exhibition. Yes, you read correctly – it’s a wall of 400 sculptures of women’s vaginas (or their exteriors, the vulva).

IMG_7862 copy

Despite the giggle-fests, I appreciate what the exhibition is trying to do. It encourages women to not be ashamed of their body (cunt is often used with negative connotations, no?) and to make the topic of vaginas more acceptable in society.

IMG_7853 copy IMG_7848 copy
In conclusion, I see no loss in skipping MONA when there are so many more things to explore. I usually have an open mind to these things – I loved the interactive aspect, more engaging than your normal gallery, but overall it is a bit hit and miss.

IMG_7995 copyMONA (Museum of Old and New Art) is located at 655 Main Road, Berriedale and can be reached via ferry, bus, bike and more from Hobart. Find out more here.

We realised we made the mistake of not booking the popular restaurant Barilla Bay early on, so instead opted to try the Upper Deck of Mure’s by Elizabeth St pier.

The pier is lined with afloat fish and chip shops, with Mure’s Lower Deck restaurant providing similar options.

20141226_181037The Upper Deck is more fine dining, and after days of cooking in the campervan and saving money, we decided our last night would be “all out”.

20141226_183632 20141226_183641Surprisingly a benefit of Tassie, is it’s not as big on using Urbanspoon. I didn’t even think of checking the ratings for this place, which are quite low, but I didn’t find it that bad.

The appetiser of Huon Valley mushrooms was nice and soft and came in a lovely sauce full of honey and herbs. I kept coming back for more.

We also couldn’t leave Tassie without one last platter of oysters – our favourite was the Tasmanian Mornay with white sauce and gruyere. Deliciously cheesy.

A let down was that some items were not available, from mussels to drinks, and we only found this out when we tried to order all these things. Our cocktails were also disappointing, the alcohol so strong, we could hardly finish more than half.

We moved passed this, not wanting it to ruin the night, and chose mains of Huon Atlantic Salmon and Mure’s Seafood Linguine. I couldn’t fault the salmon, but there wasn’t anything entirely amazing about it for $38!

20141226_19313220141226_193148The linguine was a lot more interesting and we discovered Moreton Bay bugs are quite delicious. Still, this cost $42 and these mains felt more suited to the equivalent of a casual-dining place.

But as I said – we were here to go hard or go home, so we ordered dessert too, to celebrate the end of an amazing campervanning experience.20141226_201140
Out of the Bailey’s pannacotta with pistachio biscuit (above) and citrus tart with raspberry compote and mango sorbet, most of you can probably guess what I enjoyed. As a lover of mango, I was super excited about the side being something different to vanilla icecream!

20141226_201132We found the service attentive and the food good, but just good. If we were back in Melbourne, we might have felt pretty robbed, but when you’re on holiday, things feel a little different. We finished this visit on positive vibes and I can’t wait to do one more little summary before I move on to writing about QUEENSLAND (about time!)

Mure’s Upper Deck is located at Victoria Dock, Tasmania. You can find their website here, but their latest menu is on Urbanspoon.

Mure's Upper Deck on Urbanspoon

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