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Travelling to other states really highlights the unique foodie culture of Melbourne. Taking photos of your food doesn’t feel as normal in Tassie or Queensland, and a look at Tassie’s Urbanspoon shows a lack of bloggers too.

I guess this shows that Melbourne was probably a good foodie scene to get into and I’m glad I can be part of it. I met some reps from Zomato a few months ago, the new owners of Urbanspoon, and it’s great how they are working within this scene. They even arrange regular blogger meetups, so you can meet other writers, discuss blogging and enjoy some classic Melbourne food.

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The first one I attended was at Claypots – St Kilda. A writeup will come later this month, but it was great meeting some people I haven’t met before!

Another interesting aspect is the growing role of Instagram. To be honest, I was one of those people who shunned it for a while – why should I post pictures only to heavily edit them with filters?? But now it’s a requirement for any eatery and is even becoming a micro-blogging platform for those who want to give succinct reviews, rather than long ramblings such as mine haha!

But each to their own – the thing we all share is a love to discover Melbourne’s many eateries! Speaking of, here is a long overdue update on my latest articles Weekendnotes/Livlicious articles:

Ascot Food Store

The talk of the suburbs – who knew I drove past it all the time? Finally a real winner in the north-west suburbs with innovative brunch dishes. I live in the north so I guess it’s close enough. Read all about our meal here.

Ascot Food Store on Urbanspoon

Asian Eats in the CBD
Working in the city, I’ve recently been searching for some great lunch spots.

New Shanghai

New Shanghai is a popular spot at Emporium. Don’t be deterred by the line as it usually moves quite quick at lunch. The xiao long bao is juicy and has a scrumptious soup. It was so good, we’ve revisited several times.

New Shanghai on Urbanspoon


Perhaps not easily found as it only has a sign that says ‘Bak Kut Teh’ this place serves food with influences from Borneo. They have fairly good lunch deals and I enjoyed my generous bowl of Sarawak Laksa.

Sugarbun & Nanyang Bak Kut Teh on Urbanspoon

That’s just a taste of some lunch spots, read the full list here.

New Burgers in Melbourne

1090 Burger
Well out of the newer burger joints in Melbourne, this one makes me want to go back the most. Often in Northcote (woohoo), these burgers are filling at decent prices. Will be back for more!

Read about the rest of the burgers here.

1090 Burger on Urbanspoon

Il Melograno
Oh and just down the road from 1090 Burger, you can drop by the rustic ambience of Il Melograno. Their sorbets and gelato are unique but served in a classic style with twists. My cup was more like a mini-cone (not complaining) and they also serve wood-roasted coffee.

Read more about this lovely and family-friendly place here.

Il Melograno on Urbanspoon

La Trattoria Cafe (at Lavandula Swiss Lavender Farm)
Perhaps not as impressive as the Tasmanian lavender farms you see on Instagram, this little spot still provides a nice little getaway from town.

A bit further than Daylesford, the cafe also has a rustic feel with wooden tables outside and inside, and lots of lavender items from lemonade to scones. Read about the full day here.

La Trattoria of Lavandula on Urbanspoon

The Grain Store
A popular brunch place in Melbourne, they also serve an impressive menu of unique dishes.

My dish even had featured ingredients such as black pudding and a fried duck egg. It was great but I don’t feel it’s a place that has enticed me to go back. Read why here.

The Grain Store on Urbanspoon

Hope you enjoyed another little summary – next post, a conclusion to my Tassie adventures. Thanks once again to the.adventouriist for her great photos!

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