Claypots – Zomato Meetup

As mentioned in my ramblings, the other week Zomato hosted us at Claypots Seafood Bar in St Kilda. Zomato have acquired Urbanspoon and they provide a more personal touch with staff in Australia working alongside bloggers.

IMG_3080 copyI loved the “Bucket list” put together on the table and our little fish placecards by Pranav and Mitch, the Melbourne and Brisbane community managers.

If you read my previous “missions”, you’ll know that I love meeting other bloggers, not just at events but over a catchup for a meal or coffee. There are so many bloggers in Melbourne, that I’m constantly meeting new people.

IMG_3083 copyThis fine evening, I was lucky to sit near Confessions of a Little Piggy, Grazing Panda and Foodscrazy as well as bumping into EvelovelleFood of the Soul and Food Cautious. There’s so much food in Melbourne, it’s lucky there’s so many of us to write about it!

We started off with a mezze platter of some bread, dips and more. A great variety of food on the platter, but I’m a sucker for dips and spreads with bread.

IMG_3088 copyAnd then these giant king prawns came out! Large and juicy, this demonstrated we had to get down and dirty with our seafood to enjoy our night.

IMG_3095 copyThe chilli crab and mussels looked particularly spectacular and the crab meat inside was packed with a flavoursome, herby punch.

It was interesting seeing who is used to eating crab and who isn’t. I honestly did not know how to eat crab before I met The.Adventouriist, so lucky I came to this meal with knowledge of how to crack it open and use the tools provided.

IMG_3100 copyWe were then treated to three large fish, all cooked in different styles. The above is the Cajun-style flathead and proved a favourite for the people sitting around me.

The flavours are not too far from any New Orleans inspired food you may have tasted in Melbourne, the flavours all in the sauce.

IMG_3104 copyThe Coral Trout was no surprise after my holiday in Queensland, where the fish are quite prominent. I never quite warmed towards the taste of this fish though. I don’t mind it, but I would choose many other fish over it. It was served in light flavours of soy and ginger but did not prove to be my favourite.

Not pictured was also a John Dory cooked in Sambal, which had a beautiful crispy texture. That’s my favourite part of fish – that crispy skin. But ultimately the Cajun flathead was the winner for me!



On the side was also a Malaysian claypot, a dish similar to gumbo and once again exhibiting that New Orleans influence on the food. I didn’t have any of this – but it looked delicious and I mean, who can go wrong with mussels?

I’d heard a lot about this place before and now I’m glad I finally got a chance to try it! If you want seafood, this is the place to go. Although the interior can be a little squishy seating wise, the food is worth it.

Claypots Seafood Bar is located at 213 Barkly St, St Kilda.

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*Mon’s Adventure attended as a guest of Zomato and Claypots Seafood Bar. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I have visited Clapots and its seafood is lovely. I have tried chilli crabs and it was just awesome. Loved the delicious menu and friendly approach of the waters. Would recommend it to others.

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