Magic Mountain Saloon

So when I heard there was a place in the city serving up breakfast dishes inspired by Thai fusion flavours – my heart was immediately set upon it.

I managed to squeeze it in one morning during the week. The place is in an unexpected spot, on the Parliament end of town, and the atmosphere turns into a bar later in the day.


It was quiet for the morning, and it’s strange going up to someone behind a bar at 8am to order – but what matters is the food! When we walked in I had to grab menus from the bar, as it seemed the staff were busy doing something. The service was very good for the remainder of the meal though, so I’ll let that slide.

We started off with drinks. Although the breakfast cocktails did sound tempting I could not justify one in the morning, so I went with a Tom Thumb mocktail ($6) instead. A mixture of pistachio syrup, plum puree & lemon juice topped with soda, it was not too sweet or fizzy due to the heavier flavours of plum and pistachio. My friend also had a latte, which was not bad either.


The breakfast menu is quite extensive with everything from baked eggs, to omelettes and congee. Even a sweet roti option! I would have liked to try everything but in the end – I chose the chicken and kaffir lime scotched eggs with pork ribs ($18.50).

What came out exceeded my expectations. The scotched eggs were humungous and I stared with simultaneous horror and joy as our waiter balanced a tower of ribs on top of the eggs.


I noticed many reviews complain about the spiciness of the food, but I don’t think that’s a problem and probably demonstrates the Asian influences more than other eateries in this way. A lot of places skip on the spice.


The waiter did warn me about the spice when ordering. I can be pretty weak but I usually just need a glass of water beside me, and with the delicious mocktail on hand, I said that would be fine. The eggs were definitely spicy but there was so much other flavour coming from the kaffir lime and sweet sauce drizzled on my dish.

The ribs has a crunchy and crispy exterior, and there were just so many of them! Order this if you want a super-filling breakfast (or you’re really hangry).

20150505_084527 copy

Meanwhile my friend had the ocean trout & ginger scrabbled eggs ($19.5). She really enjoyed it and has noted this place down for the future. I had a taste and the ginger seasoning was just enough to infuse some lovely Asian nuances to the dish. The exotic Asian flavours really won us over in both dishes – maybe next time I’ll give that breakfast cocktail a try!

Magic Mountain Saloon is located at 62 Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD. Check out their breakfast menu here, or their other menus here.

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