Mission #5: Tides Restaurant

So my recap on my Queensland adventures begins! We stayed in the “heart of the Whitsundays”, Airlie Beach. It’s where most cruises depart from and is about three hours from Mackay Airport. There’s also an airport in the closer town of Proserpine but less flights go there (the number is growing though).


We booked a travel package including accommodation. Our first hotel was not too close to the main town and foreshore, but the town is so full of tourists that you can call and instantly book cabs for short trips to anywhere. Our view from the hotel room above.

IMG_8004 copy
Our package included breakfast and dinner vouchers, so our first night we headed up to Tides Restaurant. Unfortunately our travel agent must be new, because most of the restaurants had not heard of our vouchers. We still managed to use them at most places, but it just made things awkward for us.

Nevertheless, service was lovely even though the place seemed very busy and like a popular dining spot.

IMG_8005 copyWe started off with “Four Tastes of the Sea”, a platter available as both a main and entree. It features a prawn cocktail salad, Hervey Bay scallop, champagne mornay Coffin Bay Oysters, tempura soft-shell mud crab and salt and pepper prawns.

IMG_8006 copy
It sounds like a lot, but is quite basic and expensive at either size. The tempura was not as crunchy as I would like it to be and the oysters were not as good as Tassie!

For mains, we had the Moreton Bay Bug risotto ($36). We quite enjoyed the Moreton Bay Bug in Tassie, so we were excited for this one.

IMG_8012 copyUnfortunately it was hardly noticeable in the risotto, resulting in the dish lacking in any cohesive flavour.

The pan-seared king prawns ($39) were slightly more exciting with some beautiful presentation and several contrasting flavours.

IMG_8013 copy
We couldn’t quite get used to the saffron potato, which didn’t taste like anything. The herbs decorating the prawns ensured they were delicious, but there were not many of them for a main.

IMG_8015 copyIt’s lucky we did not have to pay for much because of the vouchers, but without them I’m not sure I would feel like the meal was worth it. As it’s attached to a resort, I understand that prices are high but the dishes were not amazing for the price tags.

There were plenty more eateries in the main town that are probably better value for money. I’ll have quite a few more food posts for Queensland than Tasmania, as we didn’t have much of a kitchen and ate out most of the time!

More on the food and our first island day trip next!

Tides Restaurant is a part of Peppers Resort. Check out their full menu here.

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