Mission #5: Daydream Island

Our first trip from Airlie Beach was a twin island escape.

The most popular and biggest service to the Whitsundays islands is run by Cruise Whitsundays. We were off to half a day at Daydream Island and the second at Hamilton Island.

20141228_080404But first – we wanted to use our breakfast vouchers! We squeezed in a meal at Capers, a restaurant attached to Airlie Beach Hotel.

Now Airlie Beach is catered towards a young, partying audience so you can probably imagine the food. Lots of pub, Mexican, takeaway and fish and chip type of places.

Coffee was not too bad with some shots of flavour. The Adventouriist went with an omelette and a side of salmon. I went with a corn fritter stack with bacon, avocado and more.

20141228_073106Melbourne standards are very high when it comes to breakfast and this place was average. My poached egg was overcooked and the omelette looked like something anyone could put together.

20141228_073124It was definitely filling, but it also took a while to cook on a very quiet morning. Despite this it has a wide range of food so becomes quite a popular drinks and dinner spot at night.

Capers is located at 16 Airlie Esplanade, Airlie Beach. See their breakfast menu here.

Capers on the Esplanade on Urbanspoon

Daydream Island
If it weren’t for this package, I’m not sure Daydream would be at the top of my list to visit in the Whitsundays. On first impressions, it just sounds like an island-turned-resort.

Cruise Whitsundays drops you off and lets you roam free to find activities to do, which means you pay for all your chosen adventures.

IMG_8077 copyIMG_8059 copyAs the saying goes though, don’t judge a book by its cover. We did a little activity of feeding stingrays first, and you do learn that stingrays are just cute, naggy attention-seekers despite the stereotypes.

IMG_5645 copyThe sucking feeling when they eat from your gloved hand can be a bit scary at first (one nearly took my glove!) but you get used to it.

IMG_5595 copy

Daydream Island is also home to a lagoon called The Living Reef, made to replicate the ocean environment. It means various species can live in it from a lemon shark to a stingray and fish. There is a daily feeding time that visitors can go to watch.

IMG_8037 copy20141228_100556 copyOur favourite part was probably feeding the fish at Lover’s Cove. You can buy some fish feed from the shops for a few dollars and then head to Lover’s Cove and watch all the fish suddenly swim to your feet. You can snorkel too, but we did this on a few other trips later on during our stay.

IMG_8147 copy

It was quite amazing seeing so many fish dart to the spot where you had thrown the food, nibbling so close to you. The views at the cove weren’t half too bad either!

IMG_8129 copyMeanwhile I also learnt how to make some flower jewellery by connecting these tiny flowers haha!

IMG_8097 copyIMG_8150 copyIMG_8156 copyIMG_8154 copy
Although it is essentially a commercialised island resort, it still provided quite a fun half day and Lover’s Cove gave us a pleasant surprise.

I’ll post about our second half of the day at Hamilton Island next!

Stringray photos were by Daydream Island Photos. The rest were taken by me and the.adventouriist.

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