Another weekend, another spontaneous adventure. I initially wanted to drop by the Richmond Food Truck Park but heard it closes at 8.30pm. It was after 8 so we thought we’d switch plans.

After a quick search for Japanese we came across Dekoboko on Bridge Rd. It’s a quaint little spot, drinks on a wall of modern shelves, fake hanging pot plants and hanging lights.


Decor that quite easily slots into the Melbourne formula.


Service was awkward. There was one man serving the floor and he looked confused and surprised that we had made a booking. He also didn’t seem too enthusiastic throughout the night.

20150516_202311 (1)They also have an updated menu compared to what is on Urbanspoon. It now focuses on curry main meals and tapas. My friend is not a big Jap curry fan so we just ordered heaps of small dishes that still sounded delicious.

We started off with some drinks. Matcha lattes are very ‘in’ now but I don’t love matcha like many people do. I felt like trying something different though, so gave the iced matcha latte a try.


It was so big it looked like a meal in itself but I found the matcha flavour barely there – you’ll taste more if you eat the icecream.

My friend had a glass of honey choya, a nice and sweet taste. There were several other flavours that I wouldn’t have minded trying if I wasn’t driving!

Our first dishes were some prawn and pork gyoza. What I loved was the presentation of them on mini hotplates, ensuring they were still sizzling hot.


It also had a cute plate of dipping sauces on the side, including an orange sauce reminiscent of chilli mayo – my favourite.

Similarly the yakisoba noodles came in a hotplate. Although the dish is not large, it had a fine flavour similar to oyster sauce that satisfied us.

20150516_203850We also ordered two baos/buns and I couldn’t go past the pork belly. As expected it was really the sticky sweet soy sauce that provided the bun with flavour.

Meanwhile the teriyaki chicken bao didn’t have much sauce or flavour, so we just added some of our gyoza dipping sauce into it!


We couldn’t quite decide if we were full so decided to share a dessert. When we asked the waiter how big the banana spring roll with red bean and salted caramel was, he was not entirely sure as he’d “never seen it before”. Perhaps he could have asked the kitchen?

It was a big fat roll cut into half and was just enough to make us full for the night. I enjoyed that it was something innovative compared to your typical banana fritter. The sauce came on the side but was still a bit too hard and sticky to pour properly all over our dessert.

I think this place has potential. The waiter told us they like to change the menu and try new things so in another few months it will probably change. They just need to work on service, refining a few dishes and maybe offering more mains than just curry.

I’d love to try their coffee and modern breakfast dishes one day too!

DekoBoko is located at 294 Bridge Rd, Richmond. It is open daily 8am-9pm.

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  1. I do love those steamed buns! Where you the only people dining in the restaurant at the time?

  2. dale says:

    It looks good enough but hopefully service is better ?

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