Learn to Live Comedy Gala

Today I’m posting about something a little different as I believe it’s something important, much more than what food I ate for dinner last night. Yesterday we went to the Learn to Live comedy gala featuring big names such as Denise Scott and Adam Hills.

aus2015_poster_colors-723x1024For such a lineup, our $50 tickets were a steal! And it’s great to see recognised public figures supporting the Learn to Live cause, as well as the Thornbury Theatre and Little Creatures. Proud of the northside!

After listening to LTL founder Yanti speak, it inspired me to write this blog as she talked about how just telling somebody about this event will help spread the word and in turn help those in countries like Indonesia. So why not share it with my blog readers?

If you’re curious about what LTL is, they implement programs to help places such as Indonesia, Laos, and soon South Africa, gain healthcare and access to clean water. This spurred from Yanti’s sudden realisation whilst she was working in Hollywood, that she could be doing much more as a Registered Nurse.

20150529_205259_Collins StLTL was not big enough to assist with the Ebola crisis last year, but as an individual Yanti went to work in Sierra Leone as an RN and had to deal with seeing a 100% fatality rate in her patients. Heart-wrenching stuff – especially when you are sitting comfortably in a first world country watching some great comedians over drinks. You realise how lucky you are.

She emphasised a lot about being a ‘global citizen’ and I hope this inspires you a little too. Whether it is LTL or something else, you can help out the world a little if you put your mind to it.

This year in addition to full-time work and blogging, I’ve made time for many other things. From soup kitchen volunteering, to getting back into netball, to charity walks and dinners, you can always make time.

Never say never!

Also apologies for lack of blogs lately but I’m planning the next Mon’s Adventure trip!

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