Mission #5: Hamilton Island

When we arrived at Hamilton Island we weren’t sure what to expect. We knew it was big, popular spot in the Whitsundays, so the many boats in the dock made sense. It also has its own airport, but it’s quite expensive to fly directly there.

IMG_8178 copy

What we didn’t know is that the majority of people get around on golf buggies!

IMG_8188 copy

A lot of the parking areas are mainly designed for them. So watching everyone else use them definitely worked – we walked uphill to the reception in order to hire one. Expensive but worth it. The Adventouriist was even nervous to drive it even after driving a huge campervan!

As part of the Cruise Whitsundays deal we had vouchers for lunch at the Marina Tavern.

IMG_8205 copyIt was general pub food so we had the pasta and beef burger – it was better than I expected, with typical sized servings.

IMG_8200 copyThe burger was extremely filling and although there was nothing to make it stand out, there was nothing wrong with it either, with a perfectly cooked pattie and heaps of chips. The tavern also had a nice view of the dock.

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After this we zoomed down to the popular beach of the island, Catseye Beach. Now the island is expectedly very artificial looking, so at first this beach didn’t seem like much. The sand was okay but busy with sticks, whilst you could hear some music and kid’s activities happening alongside the foreshore.

IMG_8227 copyBut what made this spot beautiful was really the amazingly warm water and the island views into the distance. I have never experienced water so warm before. Even on a hot day in Melbourne, the water can still be extremely cold upon your first step. No need to worry about this place!

IMG_8213 copyWe had to be back in time for the ferry back to Airlie Beach, so we squeezed in an icecream stop with a banana split by the dock! Nothing amazing, but enough to add to the tropical island atmosphere and help on a normal 29-30+ day in the Whitsundays!

IMG_8238 copyBoth Daydream Island and Hamilton Island surprised me with their fun activities and distinct atmospheres. They were not just boring, artificial resorts as they had a bit more than that to offer.

Next up? The iconic Great Barrier Reef!

Photos by myself and the.adventouriist.

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