I always thought ‘tidbits’ meant a bit of information or gossip, but who knew it also means a small piece of food? Mindblown and so very suitable for a food blogger!

I haven’t had a chance to link you to some of my other articles lately from Weekendnotes and Livlicious, so here it goes!

What is Armenian food? Is this authentic? I don’t really know the answer since this is the first Armenian restaurant I’ve tried. It does seem to result from an interesting mix of surrounding countries and cultures, with a bit of hit and misses in the flavours.

IMG_3143 copy

This was probably my favourite for the night – cured ocean trout with creme fraiche!

Read my full review here.

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King River Cafe
On a long drive from Melbourne to Canberra, we needed somewhere to drop by for lunch and this place had very positive reviews. It’s unsurprising because this quiet little area by the King River houses this unassuming and simple cafe, that comes alive as the day goes on.

20150606_130221 copy

I ensured my stomach had space for their lemon tart and their popular potato rosti fingers – I know you want to hear more, so read my full review here.

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5 Things To Do in the Grampians
Eventually, I would love to do a more in-depth writeup about camping (glamping) in the Grampians and about the ups and downs from a personal perspective. But for now – this little listicle sums up our stops quite well!

IMG_2896 copyIt is definitely worth the drive and perhaps the best national park I’ve been to so far in Victoria, so read about our journey here.

IMG_2632 copy

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