Mission 5: Air Whitsunday

The Whitsundays adventures continue, and I think this will be more of a photo essay than anything.

Why? It was one of my favourite days – perhaps second best after sleeping under the stars of the Great Barrier Reef. Not only did we get to see Australia’s best beach, Whitehaven, we also got to snorkel in a private lagoon.

On this holiday, we experienced a lot of different transportation – campervan, ferry, helicopter – and now, a seaplane! Completing the Panorama tour, as part of our travel package, we were up for a treat.

IMG_8241 copyIMG_8542 copyIMG_8301 copyWhitehaven Beach waters were crystal clear. We only stopped at one section for a short period of time – as you get further towards the trees, the sand isn’t as nice, so we stayed around the shore.

IMG_8338 copy 2The water was superbly warm and clear – so much that The Adventouriist never wanted to leave, and our pilot commented that this wasn’t the first time he’d heard that. Someone from our group also proposed!

IMG_8351 copyIMG_8323 copyThe silica sand is also so fine that it’s apparently good to use to exfoliate your skin and clean your jewellery. If I had known that, maybe I would have brought some along haha!

IMG_8391 copyThey gave us a cute little box of snacks, ferrero rochers and chips, whilst we shared a bottle of champagne. The tour only goes for half a day, so no lunch is provided.

IMG_8501 copyWe got to see the Heart Reef again and the beautiful bird’s eye view of the Great Barrier Reef. Each time I look at it, it’s like a breathtaking view of the edge of the world. A sacred natural wonder.

IMG_8475 copyAfter they drag you away from Whitehaven, they take you to a private lagoon in the reef to snorkel. You get off the seaplane, onto a little boat and get into your snorkelling gear.

When we got there it was overcast and slightly raining. This doesn’t cause too much damage, as you are mainly underwater. Everything was beautiful as usual, it’s great being in a quieter area and pointing out different things to each other as you swim underwater.

20141230_121302When we were leaving, the sun popped out again and the water was so AMAZINGLY CLEAR! This scenery left me with no words. How else do I describe it, but so very blue and ethereal?

The reflections, the swirls, the fluffy clouds….watching as people dove into the crystal clear water from the boat…this experience was priceless and almost like a dream or a scene out of a movie.

20141230_121321It is also the peacefulness of the lagoon that adds to this effect. Similarly to the Reefsleep, you are only with a small group of people on this tour. As you leave, it’s only the sound of the plane starting that causes any disruption.

20141230_121950I didn’t want to say goodbye but we had to. My only problem with this tour is that it didn’t last long enough. But of course this isn’t the end – we had another trip to Whitehaven to explore a bit more, so keep an eye for the next post!

Find out more about Air Whitsunday’s tours here.

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  1. That sounds amazing! Though I’m most fascinated in how you took pictures and didn’t get the camera wet 😛

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