Eis Japanese Restaurant

The other week, we were lucky enough to be invited to try a unique little Japanese restaurant in Albert Park.

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We arrived quite early and our host Hiro gave us the table near the heater. As the night went on, more people trickled in for Friday date nights and takeaway. A group of Japanese people also came in, so I thought perhaps this was a sign their traditional food was close to the real deal.

IMG_4397 copyTheir menu is split into contemporary and traditional dishes, and there was also a tempting specials menu. From this, we ordered some grilled oysters with miso paste.

The sauce was hearty and flavoursome – both I and The Adventouriist prefer cooked oysters with a bit more depth. This hit the spot.

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Next up we tried their crispy chicken wrap with cucumber, carrot and sweet soy sauce – apparently a popular dish.

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The Adventouriist would have preferred a bit more sauce, but I really enjoyed the chicken itself. Not too dry but still just crispy enough to suit the wrap.

I guess a lot of my sauce was at the bottom of the wrap, so maybe if it was spread out a bit more it would have been even better!

Next up was our favourite dish of the night – grilled half eggplant with miso paste and spring onion!

IMG_4405 copyNot only did it look gorgeous, it tasted great. The eggplant skin was light and crunchy, whilst the insides were soft and enhanced beautifully by the miso paste. We almost considered ordering another one, but resisted.

The Adventouriist said this could even be her next obsession after Red Spice Road’s pork belly. That is a big statement from her, considering this dish doesn’t even have meat!

Also off the specials, we had a jumbo quail with truffle salt.

IMG_4411 copyThe quail was cooked well, and the truffle salt added an interesting edge to the dish, but not quite enough to make it stand out from the rest of our meal.

Our last main was a sukiyaki hotpot of beef and tofu. Perfect for a winter’s night, the broth adds that familiar, sweet soy flavour of Japanese sauce to your meal.

IMG_4407 copyIt was full of a generous amount of meat, but as a tofu lover I would have enjoyed a tad more of that! Nevertheless, we had a feast of food so we still ended up quite full on a great mixture of food.

Finally for dessert, our green tea ice cream was served in a stylish glass with a side of red bean and apple. A simple dessert for lovers of those flavours but next time, I’ll have my eye on the vanilla bean crepe or panko-fried banana!

IMG_4413 copyLocated in Albert Park, this is not the first place that comes to mind for a nice dinner. But some places are full of surprises! We loved the mix of contemporary and traditional dishes, as well as the small and personal ambience of the restaurant.

We will definitely be returning for that eggplant some time in the future!

Eis Japanese Restaurant is located at 188 Bridport St, Albert Park. Take a look at their website and menu here.

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*Photos by myself and The Adventouriist. We were invited by Eis Japanese Restaurant and paid for a partial amount of our meal. All opinions are our own.

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