Red Spice QV Brunch

I have always held Red Spice Road close to my heart, ever since I held a birthday dinner there. And ever since I tasted their pork belly.

So I was pretty excited to hear that Red Spice QV (the second branch) now has a Sunday brunch menu. In addition to their great food, I’ve always enjoyed that they have some creative mocktails. Their new brunch menu incorporates some beverages that cater to the healthy and slightly naughtier side.


The Adventouriist had a Bent Nut Smoothie – Bee Pollen, Banana, Honey, Cashew, Soy Milk, Chia Seeds whilst I had a Viet Caffe Martini – Sangsom Thai Rum, Double Viet Coffee, Hazelnut.

The smoothie felt refreshing and healthy – different from those that are too milky, because the nutty flavours and soy milk gave it a unique touch. Meanwhile the martini had a dark twist with the intense Vietnamese coffee and strong rum.

IMG_4457 copyFor our mains The Adventouriist chose the Pad Krapow Nuea – Wok Fried Wagyu Mince with Snake Beans, Chilli, Basil & Fried Egg. I was a little skeptic at first by the sound of mince and thought how exciting could it be?

However all the ingredients mixed together, giving the rice a fragrant flavour and I was left eating my own words.

IMG_4461 copyI was initially tempted by the corn fritters, but decided to try something different: Kuay Teow – Nam-Spicy Broth with BBQ Pork, Pork Balls, Noodles, Peanuts, Water Spinach, Beanshoots & Basil.

It sounded different, but it was similar to Asian noodle soups like pho. However, it was lighter and with a different selection of meats. I particularly enjoyed the wooden board holding all the extra ingredients you might like to put into your soup.

IMG_4463 copyThe broth is not strong, I feel so as not to overwhelm your senses for a morning meal. Instead, it allows you to add your own flavour, with sauces and herbs on the side.

There was a generous amount of meat so it’s suitable for brunch – a light broth but still enough filling to ensure you’re set for the day.

IMG_4459 copyIn addition to these new dishes, there are some old favourites available too. This means that from 10.30am you can order classics such as the one and only Caramelised Pork Belly with Apple Slaw. Even though we had come for brunch, we felt like it would be a crime not to order it.

We over ordered…as we always do at Red Spice…but it was worth it!

IMG_4468 copyRed Spice QV and their sister restaurants have always stood out to me. They allow bookings, provide great service and have a good variety of drinks.

If you don’t want your typical poached eggs or eggs Benedict – this is the place to go for brunch on a Sunday morning.

Red Spice QV is located at 37 Artermis Lane, Melbourne. See more examples of their brunch dishes below or check out their menu here


Images supplied by Apple & Pears

*Photos by myself and The Adventouriist. We were invited by Apple & Pears Entertainment Group on behalf of Red Spice QV – however all opinions are our own.

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