Jerry Joy

I don’t go to brunch too often – but I decided to take my sister out to celebrate the end of exams, so here was my chance. I went back to my long-forgotten list of places to go and noticed Jerry Joy.

My older sister told me to try it last year as her friend owns the place, a friend who used to own The Foodrinkery. Thornbury might sound like it already has a few cafes, but have you heard of a cafe NOT located on the ever-populated High St?

IMG_4432 copyThis is located in the little suburban backstreets of Thornbury and could almost be mistaken for a milk bar if not for the people sitting outside.

IMG_4416 copyThe interior is simple with an open kitchen. The service was not bad – the waitresses tried to give us their best attention but were also prone to forgetting things when it got busy.

I appreciate their efforts though. I guess it also fits into where it is located – surburbia is for kicking back and enjoying those weekend vibes, and your local cafe should feel casual, just like that.

IMG_4414 copyMy first world problem was that the coffee was so good, I couldn’t help but down it whilst waiting for our food. They use Axil Coffee Roasters, which I tried once in the city and loved.

My sister and I finished our lattes quite quickly. The food took some time, but I wasn’t fussed, so we ordered second drinks.

IMG_4428 copyAn iced coffee and a Charlie’s bottled berry smoothie were sufficient to keep us occupied for a bit longer. The iced coffee was almost a meal in itself – it was decent. I can be a bit picky with my iced coffee as I want the right balance of everything – not too bitter but not too diluted and milky.

At last, the food appeared. The menu items are titled with trendy hashtags. I ordered the #Pikelets – almond pikelets with dark chocolate, roasted pear parfait, vanilla creme fraiche foam, hazelnut toffee, poached pear and coffee snow.IMG_4419 copyA mouthful of Melbourne elements – don’t forget the flowers! It was gorgeous but the plate was a tad impractical – a flat slate. I didn’t end up messing anything up though. Each element had quite a bit of thought and after two drinks, my tummy was immensely satisfied.

But as a whole, the dish was very light in flavour and lacked that wow factor to put it up in Melbourne’s top sweet brunch dishes. I did love the shards of hazelnut toffee though!

IMG_4427 copyMeanwhile the sister had the #Mushroom&Hash – homemade hash brown, mushrooms, kohlirabi puree, poached egg, goat’s cheese, salad and truffle oil. And of course, extra bacon.

IMG_4421 copyI have a sad addiction to hash browns, so I had a bit of food envy. The truffle oil also just ensured each of the ingredients had an extra kick to make you want to devour the whole thing as fast as possible.

It’s a lovely place to for quality brunch in a quiet, local street. Servings are slightly small for the price but I think it’s worth the extra if you want to support small, local businesses. 20150628_123613_Wales St copyJerry Joy is located at 128 Mansfield St. For an example of their menu from my time of visit (June), see above.

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