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The other weekend, I dropped by Broadsheet Restaurant, with a mere two weeks before it officially closes (and gets demolished to become apartments on August 2nd).

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I already knew they use Small Batch Roast for their coffee, my favourite, so it was bound to be love at first sip.

Conveniently, I also saw their new donuts for the weekend from Tivoli Bakery would be Golden Gaytime Donuts, inspired by the popular Aussie ice-cream for those who don’t know!

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I was particularly excited, because I’m a tad sick of the nutella donut craze. Unfortunately this donut sounded good on paper, but failed to live up to the amazing flavours of Short Stop Donuts. The outside didn’t have as much crunch as I would have liked, whilst the vanilla cream inside was plain.

One of my American friends was up for a Bloody Mary, although she said she is quite picky with how she likes it to taste. It was not bad but she prefers it a bit sweeter.

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The space has an industrial look, not unsurprising for its location. It’s large and spacious, so there are no lines, but it is always bustling with chatter inside.

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If you haven’t heard of the Broadsheet Restaurant, it’s a pop-up with dishes from the top eateries in Melbourne. Some are signature dishes and some are new dishes. Take a look at the menu here. (By the way, the guy in the grey shirt is the owner of Broadsheet).

On that note, I present our favourite dish, which was in the middle to share – the twice cooked brioche French toast from Top Paddock.

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I’ve tried Top Paddock before and was not impressed, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from them here.

Many people have commented it’s not really French toast – more like a big piece of fluffy bread pudding with a gorgeous floral taste. The fennel seeds add to that fragrance and it’s not too sweet like many French toasts, but rather well-balanced.

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From the same family of restaurants is The Kettle Black, a place in St Kilda I’ve wanted to try but never gotten around to. So this was my closest bet – the beef burger with a black bun.

The flowers were deceiving this time, only for presentation and nothing floral in the taste. The beef was rare and juicy, but there wasn’t enough flavour in the bun to make it standout.

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Alli, a chef from America who I recently met, works here at the restaurant and for Estelle. She ordered the baked eggs (Top Paddock), which looked delicious but again, nothing out of the ordinary. I think it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a big, hearty serving of baked eggs!

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I was pretty hungry, so I thought I would give a reuben sandwich a go. I’ve heard this one particularly from 5 Points Deli is great, so what better way to have my first reuben?

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I was not expecting a sandwich to be so filling. It was packed with corned brisket and melted cheese and I can’t complain about either of those.

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The cheese and brisket have quite strong, salty tastes. After one half of the sandwich and a bit of French toast (oh and that donut), I was completely full. I think a little less meat and more sauerkraut might help make it lighter, because I didn’t find much sauerkraut until I nearly finished the sandwich.

The concept of Broadsheet Restaurant makes it easy to try all of Melbourne’s top restaurants and cafes in one spot, without the wait. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but we are considering dropping by again just for that French toast…

Broadsheet Restaurant is located at 166 Gertrude St, Fitzroy. It is open Mon to Tue 7:00 am – 4:00 pm, Wed to Sun 7:00 am – 1:00 am and then closes officially on August 2nd. Kong will also be “taking over” the restaurant for Tuesday dinner, which you can buy tickets for here.

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