Mission #5: Fishing Charter

I think this is the last of my Whitsundays adventures! I might do one more post on food, but this last adventure was a little spontaneous, so not many phone photos. Our fifth day of our package was reserved for checking out, but we stayed a bit longer in the area.

This meant we had nothing planned for New Year’s Day. After a few calls, we managed to make a last minute booking and hop on an afternoon trip with Coral Sea Fishing Charters.

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Unsurprisingly – we were the ONLY girls on this boys’ fishing trip! There were some people from Melbourne and some people from around Queensland on our little motorboat. You could even bring your own beers.

20150101_132720As we sped out to sea, our captain (skipper) allowed some time for both The Adventouriist and I to take over steering the boat with some guidance. It was nice to have some fresh air on the boat compared to sitting on cruise ships for hours.

20150101_133351Be prepared to get wet because the backsplash from the ocean does not give up! It’s definitely welcome in the hot Queensland summer though.

We tried two different spots for fishing, I somehow managed to grab one in the first spot! Unfortunately The Adventouriist and I forgot that you can only keep the bigger fish, otherwise you have to throw them back into the ocean. There went our dinner plans haha!

unnamed (1)

unnamed (4)All up, The Adventouriist caught three fish and one heavy one she didn’t reel up fast enough bit off her hook! Earlier in the day, one of the fish we caught had been bitten on the side, hence we suspected there was a shark somewhere trying to eat it. My theory is that this baby shark bit her hook off hahaa (just kidding!)

unnamedIt was a fun day doing something different, but you just need to remember catching a BIG enough fish, is not a guarantee. Ironically, the only person that caught a big enough coral trout was a teenager on the trip with his dad. He showed us all!

They usually upload some pictures to Facebook (they take pictures whenever you catch a fish) but the bookings assistant was nice enough to email all our pictures over to us.

Half day charters are $125 per adult – see more about the packages here.

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