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As I was speaking about the Broadsheet Restaurant to my friend and about how I visited to see my American chef friend, he said, “Oh so that’s why you went. To be honest, that’s not what I read your blog for.”

Since I’ve started this blog, it has been a journey of finding what I like to write about. I love giving a bit of exposure to small businesses but of course it’s a bit of mix – I don’t mind the occasional invite or latest hyped up place.

This friend evidently prefers the little gems, so after this comment, I thought I must write about Roxy Kebab. It’s a popular place in Deer Park that he insisted I try, but also a little takeaway shop that might not catch the eye of others.

20150725_142836_Keilor-Laverton Rd copy
It was already more than I expected when I realised it was a shop with a few basic dine-in tables – I was expecting your usual side-of-the-road business. There are quite a few different items available but it seems the go-to for people is the meat platters – I think the meal of the day.

20150725_142843_Keilor-Laverton RdLuckily I had a veteran Roxy Kebab eater with me, who knew the drill. He asked me what two dips I wanted, what meat, and what sauce on top for my order. What he didn’t ask was what size – we knew we were here to eat the large.

20150725_142723_Keilor-Laverton RdI decided on eggplant/yoghurt and hummus dips and garlic sauce. The place was packed so we had to initially sit outside – there was a constant stream of customers so it proves this place has really made its mark in a strip of local shops.

IMG_20150725_161213The meals come with a basket of turkish bread on the side, perhaps my favourite part. They were so soft and fresh – apparently you can get free refills! But I don’t feel like a normal human being needs that much bread.

The meals had more than a sufficient amount of meat and dip. My friend says you can’t go wrong, because all the dips are delicious. Despite my love for eggplant, I still enjoyed the hummus dip more. I think yoghurt dips sometimes become a bit overwhelming for me, especially when my garlic sauce was already strong.

20150725_143219_Ballarat Rd copyI love that it comes with a generous amount of salad to help balance the meal. I chose a mix of meat, which was accompanied with that signature, unique taste of roasted kebab meat. By itself, it would seem a little dry, but that’s what all the sauce and dips are for – to provide that extra excitement in the meal.

20150725_151210_Ballarat Rd copyThe large was definitely a struggle – it could even be shared between two people if you’re not too hungry. But I had a mission, to finish it, and I did as per the photo evidence above (guess who didn’t?)! Now I dare you to take the same challenge!

Roxy Kebabs is located at 801 Ballarat Road Deer Park. I hear there is one in Mill Park now but not sure if it’s run by the same people.

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This adventure has been brought to you by the same friend that introduced me to Spot on Kebab Station.

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