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My next stop after the Whitsundays, was the Gold Coast but I won’t be writing about it. I dropped by the theme parks, which many Australians will have experienced by now.

Instead my last Queensland post will cover two memorable eateries, as I ate out a lot more in Queensland than Tasmania.

Fish D’vine: 303 Shute Harbour Rd, Airlie Beach
Airlie Beach is not really known for its food. It’s full of tourists/party-goers, so most of the food is pub food, fish and chips or unauthentic Asian food.

The central area is where everyone goes to eat though, so restaurants fill up during peak season quite easily.

20141229_200646 copyThe first time we ate at Fish D’vine, it was full, so we ate in the takeaway area rather than the restaurant. It was a bit weird having wine etc in that area, but we just wanted to eat. We went all out and got some mud crabs – the benefits about being by the ocean.

The basic mud crab was quite plain, but the Thai chilli crab sauce was delicious. There’s enough sauce to cover your rice and make it a flavoursome and fragrant meal, although not that chilli.

20141231_181956 copyWe returned on New Year’s Eve so The Adventouriist could come back for more chilli crab. Her birthday is also just after NYE so it was a perfect excuse.

20141231_182815 copy

The interior is nicer, but still like a basic cafe. I feel it represents Airlie Beach dining as a whole – it will do, but really Airlie Beach is the in-between place to experience the wonder of the Whitsundays, and not all that special by itself.

We ordered a few other dishes such as soft shell crab and apple fritters, but nothing stood out. We were just back for the crab and mojitos! The funny thing is not many people were ordering crabs – but I guess that means more for us.

Airlie Beach may not have much, but this place probably stood out the most. Look at their full menu here.

20141231_183248 copy20141231_184934 copy20141231_202731 copy

Fish D'Vine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Delikatessen: formerly 2 Elkhorn Avenue, Surfer’s Paradise. Now closed.
Ah as I write this, I’m sad because I have just found out that this place closed. How sad, because it is the most memorable eatery from Surfer’s Paradise and perhaps my Queensland trip. Now you’ll have to live through my photos.

IMG_8986 copyIMG_8987 copy20150105_093923 copyA little cafe serving Scandinavian inspired breakfast, this was the real deal. The waitress had a heavy accent but provided great service. The window had displays of what the breakfast boards or smørrebrød would look like. This consists of dark rye bread and toppings such as cold meat.

IMG_8991 copyEven cuter is that you get to choose a Danish to come with it. Danishes for breakfast?!? Yes! The Adventouriist also believes she had the best vanilla latte in her life here and yes it was pretty damn good – the perfect amount of syrup for a sweet coffee.

20150105_100151 copyIMG_8996 copyIt was so cute presentation-wise and taste wise. It didn’t feel heavy like a big breakfast but almost healthy. Pictured below is their Belgian meatball sandwich, more of a lunch option, with tasty and juicy meat. Sorry I couldn’t share this gem with my readers before it closed!

I’d love to see Melbourne do something similar for breakfast. Unless someone can tell me if it already exists and where to go find it – yum!

20150106_101157 copyPhotos by The Adventouriist and myself.

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