Grampians Day 2

We were only staying one night in Hall’s Gap – so the logical thing on our last day in this gorgeous park was to see the sunrise!

For reference, we went around April and it wasn’t really cold for Day 1 since it was sunny. Night wasn’t too bad either…until around 9pm. This is when you want to be layered and snuggled in your sleeping bag. Prepare yourself!

Boroka Lookout
We calculated to get up around 6am+ and drive to Boroka Lookout. Sorry to anyone in the camp we woke up as we had to drive out!

The lookout was only about a 10 minute drive into the national park, but we did miss a turn. The sunrise chase was on!

IMG_2871 copyWhen we arrived, the lookout was covered in fog and the sky in clouds. We could see a yellow hue behind the clouds but that was it. It was freezing cold and we were all in daggy bed clothes, ready to leave and add this to our list of mishaps.

Luckily, we didn’t leave quick enough – the sun gradually broke out into the most magnificent sunrise I have ever seen. The golden light it cast on the hills below was almost heavenly and looked like what I refer to as “a margarine commercial.”

IMG_2880 copyIMG_2901 copyIMG_2911 copyWe were glad we rolled out of bed for this one.

The Grand Canyon
After a return to the camp and quick breakfast, we were off for our last stop. When I asked around for hike recommendations, everyone said we had to do the Pinnacle. Also not located far from Halls Gap Caravan Park, the hike was estimated at 2-3 hours. More bearable than 5 hours right?

IMG_2937 copyThere are a few different ways to take, but we included a little detour to the Grand Canyon (of course not the Grand Canyon.) It was not entirely special but fun exploring. We had to be careful about stepping on wobbly rocks in some parts, so decided to skip it on the way back.

IMG_2998 copyIMG_2980 copy

The Pinnacle
As we carried on to the Pinnacle, it started to rain. We were already inexperienced and extra cautious people. This made the journey that much harder as we wanted to take our time for our safety.

We saw a lot of families, parents taking small children. This gave us hope – surely we could do it too?

IMG_3009 copy

At one point we also reached a fork. One way had stairs and one way had no stairs. We chose no stairs as it sounded shorter – this involved a lot of flat, rock surfaces with not much grip. There was not a lot of standing and a lot more crawling. Each move was full of stress, hoping that we wouldn’t suddenly slip and fall.

But we made it. It was foggy and raining, and we were exhausted by the amount of concentration we had to exercise. This post has probably seemed overdramatic, so please keep in mind this is from the perspective of an inexperienced and girly hiker!

IMG_3036 copy

The views overlook the valley below and suddenly you feel very small. Photos on the cliff to the left actually look a lot better than the lookout itself, as it has barriers and is hard to see the scenery behind you.

IMG_3044 copyNow to get back down? We asked around, to people who were arriving from a different way to us. They said the path with steps was not bad as there were less rocky sections and the dirt steps were sturdy. We were sold!

IMG_3065 copyIt was definitely easier but did still involve some slippery sections. It was raining constantly so we still had to be careful going back down. We were mentally exhausted by the time we reached the bottom and felt a bit dirty from crawling on rocks – but we made it and we were proud!

It would have been nice if the weather held up for us, but it’s all part of the adventure. The Grampians park is quite large, even to drive through, so I wouldn’t mind returning to explore more of it (and conquer Briggs Bluff)!

IMG_3074 copy

If you have any questions about my trip please feel free to comment below!

Visit Part 1 if you missed it here. Big thanks to the girls for coming and taking awesome photos. Visit the.adventouriist and jennie.melb for some more adventure photography!

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