Canberra Day 1

For the Queen’s birthday long weekend, we decided to drive up to Canberra. Our American friend wanted to tick off the capital city and a weekend was probably just the right amount of time to spend there.

The Journey
Did you know flights to Canberra are ridiculous? So a 6-hour roadtrip with a few breaks sounded fine to us. We stopped by the high country areas of Victoria for lunch, but I hear Albury and Beechworth are beginning to have more of a cafe culture too, so keep that in mind.

King River Cafe: 1143 Snow Rd, Oxley
This homely little cafe was quiet upon arrival but by the end of our meal people were waiting for a table.

20150606_115804 copyIt has a laidback Modern Australian cafe vibe with lots of daily specials and fresh, local produce.

We heard the rosti fingers are a must try. Fat and juicy, they are exactly how I usually like chips.

20150606_122130 copy

The main meals were tasty but no dish amazingly stood out, not even their popular lemon tart. It was a decent meal and nice to see a little place in this quiet area doing so well though. It’s not far from Brown Brother’s cellar door if you are a wine person too!

20150606_130221 copy
Lake Hume Dam, NSW

IMG_3337 copyWe couldn’t find many things to drop by on the drive up, but thought we might give the Lake Hume dam wall a try.

IMG_3357 copyIt’s quiet and has some nice scenic views. Not a bad stop to take a break, get out of the car for a stretch and take a few snaps.

IMG_3361 copyWhilst we were there the wall also starting letting out some water so that made for some good photo opportunities!

The Accommodation
Ibis Budget: 5 Tay Street, Antill Street, Watson ACT

If it’s only to sleep in for a night or two, accommodation is not a big worry for us. Hence we jumped onto this budget accommodation. It wasn’t spacious but we still had just enough room for our bags and coats.

The downside was the bathroom. Squeezed into a tiny corner, the toilet was cramped right next to the shower and there was no mirror. This setup definitely put us off showering!

It’s also not near the centre of the ACT but the longest drives were only about 20 minutes. In a small place such as this, this won’t be an issue.

The Food
Morks Restaurant: 18-19 Eastlake Parade, Canberra ACT

We can’t get enough of Asian fusion, so Morks’ menu drew us in. Firstly, lychee lemon lime and bitters got a big thumbs up from us!

IMG_3398 copy

IMG_3401 copy
I loved the presentation of the food, especially the angel prawns above. The pork belly was probably the stand out in terms of addictive flavour. Unfortunately it was a little cold – we wondered whether they were waiting for all the mains to be ready before bringing them all out.

IMG_3406 copy

Our tom yum below also wasn’t as soup-y as we thought it would be, but more like a light broth.

IMG_3409 copyI liked the duck curry but my favourite part was that crispy rice cake underneath – it was like a crunchy hash brown but a rice cake instead! Overall, the food in Canberra surprised us with its quality!

IMG_3412 copy
Morks Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The Drinks
Molly: Hobart Pl, Canberra, ACT

The hippest bar to be in Canberra, Molly is known for its hard to find location. It only lists its coordinates on its website and you put that into Google maps. It’s not too hard to find if you see people outside the area. It’s not that big so when it’s at capacity you have to wait in line.

20150606_224544Molly is supposed to be a Speakeasy bar, but with it being so packed and loud it didn’t quite have the laidback classy vibe I expected. The bartenders played the part though with bowties and they seemed knowledgeable in the art of mixing drinks, putting a lot of precision and theatrics into it. The cocktail menu was also extensive and sounded delicious!


Overall a packed first day to get to the capital city – stay tuned for day 2!

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