Murray-Sunset Misadventure Pt 2

As we awoke on our first morning in the park, we could hear what sounded like an army of birds outside. So much that we were afraid one step outside would lead to a sudden swoop, but this wasn’t the case luckily.

20151003_074130Lake Hattah20151003_090005We utilised the BBQ shelter for our breakfast not far from the main lake where someone had left their kayak. It was a bit of a walk from our camp site, but easier to drive to bring all our utensils. The weather was warm but we didn’t really see people swimming in the lake.

20151003_090736We were just glad there was a good working BBQ not surrounded by bees in the park (but of course there were flies). Despite the heat and insects, it’s always nice just eating breakfast out in nature!


Visitor’s Centre

20151003_094344There is a little information centre at the park entrance, which wasn’t manned, but it was open and had lots of maps on the wall and information on walks. The maps were not in your usual Parks Victoria leaflets so we had to take photos of the wall. We decided we would go try a lookout, possible hike and scenic drive.

20151003_094457 copy

Warepil Lookout

20151003_095953 copyIt was horribly hot for hikes but we were after things to do. Warepil Lookout was not long of a walk, but slightly uphill. The scenery is pretty much depicted below and looked the same for the entire 360 degrees.

20151003_100532 copyMournpail Lake Look Track (3-4 hours)
We thought we would check out another lake in the park and there was a 3-4 hour loop listed. We drove there and saw a glimpse of the lake through the trees – this seemed to be a trend in the park.

20151003_113102 copyWeirdly enough the start of the track seemed to be going away from the lake, through dusty orange outback. At 35-40 degrees we nearly downed all our water in the 30 minutes that we were walking. We didn’t know how long it would be until we saw the lake and at every turn we had our hopes up – nothing but more red, dusty tracks and bushland.

At this point we took a rest and made an executive decision to turn back. The heat was too much for us and we hadn’t seen much on the walk to make it worth it. We didn’t think we would last the entire walk anyway – so back we went.

Hattah-Kulkyne Discover Trail – 30-40min drive
Our next attempt at adventure was a scenic drive – if it was too hot to hike, then this sounded like the thing for us!

At an estimated 45 minutes we were ready, it included a few lakes so we were surely going to see one.

20151003_140233 copySo…most of them were dried out and we may have seen one through the dense trees. You can see some smaller lakes, but they’re all surrounded by dense trees and don’t seem to have a proper access point. The drive only took about 10-15 minutes as opposed to the estimated 30.

We did see a kangaroo jumping through the trees, which was at least something for our Canadian friends to see.

20151003_140124 copyBy the time we had done all this is was late afternoon and we retreated to our campsite to relax. A bit of reading, music and playing catch was enough to satisfy us after a day of disappointment (sounds a bit extreme but not sure how else to describe it haha!)

I’ll have one last instalment to this trip but it will be more about camping tips and what I learnt from this true camping experience in the outback! Stay tuned for Part 3!


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