Murray-Sunset Misadventure Pt 3

The last day of our trip in the outback was destined to be a driving day.

We packed up in the morning and decided to try see one last lake on the way back to Melbourne. It is also supposed to be tinged slightly pink in some lights so we had one last chance to try and see a pink lake. It was a little less than 2 hours from Hattah-Kulkyne National Park.

Lake Tyrrell: 7km before the town of Sea Lake, off the Calder Highway
We missed the turn-off/sign at first and had to ask a lady at a petrol station. We drove back the way we came, found the turn then drove until we saw a Lake Tyrrell lookout. There wasn’t a lot to look at – I do suspect however that if you drive over the dry part of the lake you might eventually reach some water.

20151004_112823We weren’t entirely in the mood for that, in case we were faced with more disappointment, so took pictures of what we could see.



Timeless Treasures and Tearoom: 9 High St, Charlton
We were in two cars for the ride home so went our separate ways. The Adventouriist and I dropped by a little town called Charlton and saw this cute shop packed with customers.

The decor was a bit outdated, although I could tell it was trying to showcase an antique, vintage type of atmosphere, it was ruined a bit by the loud and close kitchen near the counter and plastic menus.

20151004_131930 copyMy friend had a salmon pattie (above) and I just felt like a good old fashioned pie. A suitable way to finish a trip in the outback. The food took a while and the service was a little lacking and confused, but it’s some nice, simple food for a little country town.

20151004_132205 copy

Timeless Treasures and Tearoom Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

What I Learnt Camping
This was the first time we didn’t go “glamping” or camping with facilities in a caravan park. We pitched our tents in random patches of dirt, we had to use drop dunnies (toilets that just lead to a hole in the ground, not a plumbing system), we had no showers and not much to cook with/wash.

Lucky the BBQ was there – otherwise we had some portable gas stoves handy.

We didn’t enjoy the drop dunnies because of the smell and flies, so I learnt it’s ok to pee in the bush. Yep, thought you needed to know!

I learnt a bit about what wood to use in a campfire and that I can’t sleep well on uneven ground. This trip and another led us to invest in a self-inflatable mattress so we can put our sleeping bags on top – best idea ever. Another investment – head torches! My friends’ torches also turn into a red light so it attracts less insects.

Overall, it may have been a weekend of fails in the oven-like outback, but it was memorable and it’s made me more comfortable for future camping trips. Here’s to camping! My next camping instalment will be on Warrnambool, so make sure to check back!

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