McCormick Grill Mates Launch

It’s taken a while to write about this event, but that’s no reflection on the event itself. The event was one of the funnest I’ve been to in fact!

McCormick is a popular brand in America, known for their sauces and seasonings. The event was to launch their Grill Mates range, a product line to make adding flavour to your BBQ that much easier.

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The event or ‘American BBQ Masterclass’ was run by a Canadian BBQ master, Eric. He was fun and entertaining, decorated in tattoos of the different cuts of meat of animals.

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The product line included some unique BBQ sauces and burger/meat seasonings.

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I loved that the event was interactive enough to be fun, but not so much that you were pressured to cook – because I can’t! Eric passed on some handy Weber BBQ tips and made the night very informative as well as delicious.


First up on the menu – some burgers and quesadillas. The quesadillas were seasoned with the jalapeno/cheddar seasoning, which was a personal favourite of Eric, who passed it around for all of us to inhale its goodness.


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After that, I was lucky enough to help with rubbing some beef with seasoning (or love, as I like to call it). I love that Eric didn’t hold back on any seasoning or sauces throughout the night, and it all tasted delicious and not overdone.

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The next interactive activity was to create a salad, and some lucky girls and boys were pitted against each other to choose a selection of ingredients and make a salad in a short amount of time.

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After that, we were able to see the main courses, all looking mouthwatering with their juicy tenderness. The ribs looked deep in colour and sauce, that I thought surely it would be my favourite.

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IMG_7795 copy

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But somehow the brisket exuded a lot of flavour and went excellently with the Bourbon BBQ sauce – our favourite of the night! We eat it with most of our BBQ food now. It has a hint of cinnamon and is quite sweet.

IMG_7844 copy IMG_7873 copy

20151005_203914 copy

There was so much meat left we were lucky enough to take some home and somehow fit in dessert! The dessert was unique in that the brownies had a hint of cinnamon and chilli in them, providing a tingly aftertaste yet matching seamlessly with the cream and strawberries on the side.

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To top off the night, we were gifted with a box of goodies including sauces, seasonings and even a little pack to make s’mores, which would be perfect for my camping trips. As well as that, Jess from Eat.Travel.Blog won a Weber BBQ for an innovative BBQ flavour idea! A fun and memorable event!

Mon’s Adventure was invited as a guest of Market Maker PR and McCormick Australia. All opinions are my own. Photos taken by myself and The.Adventouriist.




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