Dog-Friendly Warrnambool Pt 2

After settling into our camp site on day 1 with Amicus, we were surprised at how smoothly things were going. The main concern was that Amicus didn’t seem to want to eat much or play with his toys – perhaps something to do with being in an unfamiliar setting.

The next two days we set off to do all the dog-friendly activities we could find. Hopefully, this will be helpful for any readers who want to go on a weekend away, but not leave their pet at home.

Hopkins Falls: Hopkins Falls Road, Cudgee
At first, we couldn’t find any information on whether this waterfall along Hopkins River would be dog-friendly, so we thought we’d give it a shot. It’s about a 15-20minute drive from town and we didn’t see any signs saying ‘No Dogs’. There are two viewing platforms, one from above, and another after some stairs leading down.

IMG_8311 copy

It’s a nice, easy walk and there are even platforms for you to place your camera on, set a timer and take a selfie. Of course, it’s much easier just to ask another person to take the picture if there are other people!

IMG_8342 copy

Mahogany Walking Trail: 22km between Port Fairy-Warrnambool
Despite some trails being promoted by both Port Fairy and Warrnambool (or the ‘Bool as we have come to lovingly call it), I believe there is definitely area for improvement in providing information on these walks. Even a visit to the information centre did not result in a great deal of help, besides the map on the link above, but we set out to do it anyway.

IMG_8556 copy

We only did a section of the walk – we started at Thunder Point carpark and walked as far as we wanted. It was a dreary and windy day, but not too unpleasant for a cool beach walk. As we walked further along the coast, there were less people making it quite peaceful, but perhaps it was only due to the weather.

For a little more information on the trail, click here.

IMG_8511 copy

IMG_8487 copy

Great Otway National Park: various locations
If you are looking to check out the Otways, keep in mind that it’s about a 2-2.5 hour drive from Warrnambool, so it’s best to set aside a day. There’s a PDF on where you can take your dogs in the Otways, but I believe the above link is a lot more helpful – each place you can take your dog will have a dog-walking icon.

If you Google specific waterfalls, it will usually also mention if they are dog-friendly. We decided to take Amicus to two waterfalls, since the weather wasn’t quite beach weather.

    • Stevensons Falls: Upper Gellibrand Road, Barramunga
      This waterfall has a short walk option that will only take about 15-20 minutes.  It was easy for Amicus, but the cute thing is that he is scared of the metal bridges with holes in them, because his paws go slightly through the gap. It was very hard to get him across this first bridge!
      IMG_8646 copyBut we got there eventually!IMG_8687 copyIMG_8736 copyIMG_8715 copy
    • Beauchamp Falls: Aire Valley Road, Beech Forest
      In comparison, Beauchamp Falls were small and not as magnificent as Stevensons. However, the walk took a bit longer (estimated at an hour’s return) and provided a refreshing experience in the luscious Otway forest. It is a little steep, so going down to the falls was OK – the hard part was coming back up!IMG_8744 copyIMG_8813 copyIMG_8854 copyUntitled copy 2

Hunni’s Cafe: 134 Liebig St, Warrnambool
Before our long drive back home, we made a coffee stop along the main street in town. We had driven past this cute, pink cafe several times, so I thought we should give it a try.

It’s known for its breakfasts but also desserts/crazy milkshakes. I didn’t get to try those – but from their Instagram photos, I think it would be a must-try for those with a sweet-tooth. We got a latte and vanilla latte for takeaway – the vanilla was great, so they must know what they’re doing with their sweets, but the normal latte a bit milky for my taste. Nevertheless, they use local beans from Castlemaine, so I support that!

Apollo Bay
We took the Great Ocean Road back home, since we didn’t take it on the way to Warrnambool. If you need a nice stop on your drive back home to Melbourne, then drop by Apollo Bay. It’s a big enough town to drop by for a bite – still, don’t expect amazing food, but enjoy the views.

20151103_124201 20151103_125258
This final stop also provided the one major issue with Amicus – he got car sick from the windy Great Ocean Road and vomited at lunch (I’ll spare you the details).

This trip proved that taking a dog on holiday is not too bad after all and we’d happily take him again – hopefully he eats more next time though. We’ve also learned to either not take him on windy roads, or to drive REALLY slowly (The Adventouriist had to swallow her pride whilst doing that).

So that’s a wrap for my adventures in the ‘Bool. Even if you don’t have a dog, Warrnambool is a lovely little town, with enough around to keep you busy and the Otways is an enormous park that would be hard to cover even in a few days.

Find out more about Warrnambool here: http://visitwarrnambool.com.au/

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