Oh, The Places You’ll Go Geocaching

What is geocaching?

Geocaching – the world’s largest treasure hunt. If you haven’t heard of it, it resonates with quite a niche audience. People hide caches around the world, and you must download the Geocaching app to help navigate towards them. It will give you a Google map-like idea but they are often hidden under rocks, trees etc. and aren’t always easy to find, even with the app! See a screenshot below – the smiley faces are the ones I’ve found and AC/DC Lane is the name of the next one I’ve chosen to find.


Most of the time the cache will be a container, with a logbook to sign and miscellaneous items to collect and put in another cache (collectibles). These could be little figurines, business cards…whatever you can find in your pocket!

What do you get out of this? Most of the time – satisfaction and a bit of fun. The idea that you are part of some secret treasure hunt adds to the mischief – people around the cache not aware of geocaching are dubbed “muggles”.

Additionally, sometimes geocaching will take you to places you wouldn’t normally visit. Here are a few of the places I’ve discovered geocaching (or attempting to geocache), which might just inspire you to start too!

Melbourne CBD
Caching in the CBD is not easy because ‘Muggles’ are everywhere! But this just adds to the fun. You are often led down hidden alleyways you usually wouldn’t frequent – and you might even discover a nice eatery nearby.



Mount Cooper Lookout: Mount Cooper Civic Drive, Bundoora
This lookout is located in Bundoora Park – a park I grew up with since childhood. Yet somehow, I’ve never visited this lookout!

We also started taking Amicus (the golden retriever) along on our geocaching adventures – lots of the cache locations are dog friendly, but make sure to check online before you go. To follow his adventures, check out #thegoldencacheretriever on Instagram!


All Nations Park: Separation St, Northcote
As we geocached more we discovered it was a great way to keep active outdoors and get Amicus out and about.

After brunch with our friends we even convinced them to come out to a nearby park to geocache. We had never visited this park, we just saw it had a few caches. We found it was large and lovely – more than just a park. It had large stretches of grass, nice footpaths, memorials, art and a lookout.

20150927_151120 20150927_151131 20150927_162213 20150927_152627 20150927_151952 20150927_144825

Yarrambat Lake: Yan Yean Road
We don’t always succeed when it comes to caches – some are hidden very well. But we still get to discover great places and at this one we stumbled on a lovely sunset. It was a bit too late to find a geocache as it was quite dark  – we still tried but failed, but at least we got to enjoy this beauty of a view.


Blue Lake – Yellow Gum Park: Yellow Gum Park, Plenty
Plenty Gorge Park seems to have a few caches and the Blue Lake was a lovely and relaxing spot to find. It involved a short walk to the lake, which had quite a few muggles around, so try to not look suspicious! The lake itself was calm and you can easily sit on a rock and admire the view to clear your mind for a bit.

20151017_154211 20151017_155105 20151017_155425 20151017_155441 20151017_155712 copy 20151017_161011

You could say, geocaching is a bit of a nerdy hobby – but we love it, mainly because it takes us outside and often to places we wouldn’t normally see. We’ve now started making our own collectible/swaps for caches using pictures of Amicus – so look out for them in Melbourne caches!

This is only a small selection of places we’ve dropped by – we even found some in New Zealand but you’ll have to wait until my next blogs on that New Zealand trip 🙂 (Coming soon, I promise!)

If you have any questions about geocaching, feel free to comment!

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  1. I’ve heard quite a bit about geocaching, never tried it myself but it sounds like a fun hobby!

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