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The popularity of Instagram means food is no longer just food. Foodies want visuals – pretty food, sleek interiors and good lighting. Oh – and for the food to taste good.

Kitty Burns has a lot of that going for them, hence why it’s so popular now. Hidden in the new walkway area along the Yarra, Acacia Place, it takes you away from the bustle of Victoria St and makes it a relaxing location.

My fellow foodies and I made a booking prior to our visit – but when we arrived we were told they don’t take bookings and had no record. Always a good reminder to remember who you spoke to and to check in with the restaurant closer to the date – luckily we only had to wait for about fifteen minutes.

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We started with drinks and I loved my North Kirundo cold brew. The tasting notes were accurate with the cup full of delicious fruity flavours.

IMG_0413 copy

When it came to food, we all naturally tried to order something different so we could try a bit of everything and take photos. But we also couldn’t help ordering the mac and cheese croquette because they looked so good and everyone seemed to be getting them!

IMG_0405 copy

Cass from Hungrycookie had no shame and even ordered an extra croquette to her eton mess.

As pretty as items like the eton mess looked, I’m more about being full, so I went for the omelette with poached rockling, hollandaise and parmesan. It was definitely a decent size, but the hollandaise and parmesan become a bit repetitive towards the end.

IMG_0400 copy

IMG_0411 copy

I probably should have gone for something like Sheena (Chasing a Plate)’s Mr Burns dish above for variety – bacon slab, black pudding, 63/63 eggs and more. I did have a mac and cheese croquette though and it was so worth it – crispy on the outside and hot with mac and cheese on the inside to make a delightful mouthful.

IMG_0401 copy

As I thought with the eton mess, Terri (Little Wanderings)’s french toast was apparently more looks than substance. Tasty, but a little underwhelming.

IMG_0404 copy

I think for the area – this is a great option. Just across the road from IKEA, you can park in the Victoria Gardens parking for a bit and enjoy some sunshine and brunch. If you order the right thing for your mood, you’ll love it – I’ve heard lots of good things about the lighter items like the eton mess, bircher and chia pudding.

IMG_0420 copy

The mood of the cafe and the service was great despite the booking misunderstanding. They also have lots of delicious treats at the counter if you want to take something home from places like Bistro Morgan and Dessert Parlour.

There’s also a cafe right across from it called Frankie Says, so I’d be interested to try that one and compare next time!

Kitty Burns is located at 24 Acacia Place, Abbotsford. Take a look at their menu here.

Kitty Burns Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thanks for the company also to:
Jess from Eat. Travel. Blog
Cass from Hungrycookie
Tian from Eat More
Terri from Little Wanderings
Sheena from Chasing a Plate

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