Dog House

Dog lovers in Melbourne have probably heard of the new dog cafe that just opened in Collingwood.

No, it’s not like the cat cafe, it’s a cafe FOR your dog. Humans take a back seat in this setting, with only coffee and premade snacks available.



But the options for your dog are almost endless! The front section has a shop of dog accessories including clothes and beds. It also has a polished looking deli, with quality raw meat on sale as well as cooked loaves for your furry friend.

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There are pupcakes – cupcakes made out of cooked meat and vegies. There’s even a freezer of dog-friendly ice cream!

In addition to these treats, you can even have a proper meal of fresh meat and vegetables called the AJ special (below, courtesy of their Instagram). The AJ special changes every week, so make sure to ask the staff about it!


The most popular item seemed to be the puppycino – served in a giant mug in a dog bowl, we saw many of the larger dogs down it in a few gulps.

The backyard setup is adorable and fun. Each table is like a booth so your dogs don’t get too rowdy with other parties, with colourfully painted fences and gates.



They’re spacious so your dog can enjoy his puppycino and food without feeling too confined – oh and humans get a small table too. I quite enjoyed my coffee, although others found it a tad bitter. The premade snacks however don’t look worth the price, so I’d suggest eating somewhere before or after.

20160703_123457 20160703_123418

Of course, we brought Amicus the golden retriever and we tried a lot! He downed a beef pupcake and puppycino easily, but he wasn’t too sold on the chicken pupcake until he got home. He was too eager for dessert – a dog friendly vanilla and berry Golp icecream!

For people who are really serious about their dogs – the cafe also takes bookings for birthday parties, weddings and divorces! There is even a little section of the backyard decorated with lots of floral ornaments for these special occasions.


Overall, we loved the experience and the service. We thought it would be great if they had a little playground because Amicus wanted to play with the other dogs, but there’s probably not enough space for one.

But it already looks like they’re opening a second location based on this teaser below!

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.52.15 am

Dog House is located at 195 Johnston St and is open Mon-Sun 9am-6pm. Follow them on Instagram for more updates or visit their website here.

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  1. OMG Mon, this is too cute!!! I love how the human menu is just a side note – and I cannot believe how much variety there is! Amazing!! I think Marley and I might need to have a date there…. 😉

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