Winter Morsels Degustation

Earlier this year, I attended a special dinner located down a dark alleyway off Victoria St – in other words, a true Melbourne event.

Winter Morsels Invitation

A little further down from Jinda Thai, a staircase paved the way to some pumping tunes and a room full of people waiting to experience the wonders of Henry Salt.

Henry is an apprentice at Vue de Monde and currently works at Bistro Vue. The ‘Morsels‘ project aims to bring young creatives together and this was one of the first events they trialled.

The event was a 10-course degustation at only $50 including a free flow of drinks.

IMG_4106 copy

The guests included friends and food enthusiasts, who all enjoyed watching Henry plate up each dish in the open middle space of the room.

The setup

Image courtesy of Morsels’ Facebook page

The dishes demonstrated some unique flavour combinations such as lamb/kiwi and lavender/apple.


Image courtesy of Morsels’ Facebook page

My favourite was the Duck, Caramelised Onion and Cauliflower Puree Pizza. The duck and duck fat was on a little cracker-like base and was a delightful mouthful of strong flavours.

IMG_4127 copy

The most intriguing dish was the Jerusalem Artichoke Velour. It was a teacup of what was like a thick soup but the aftertaste was a strange, smoky sensation.

Jerusalem artichoke velour

Jerusalem Artichoke Velour – Image courtesy of Morsels’ Facebook page

IMG_4113 copyAs a degustation, the dishes were quite small and it took some time between each dish as Henry worked hard to plate them for a room full of people.

Image courtesy of Morsels' Facebook page

Image courtesy of Morsels’ Facebook page

IMG_4141 copy

Lavender, Apples, Basil and Custard

The wine was free flowing and progressed from white to red, including their own Morsels labeled wine, and then dessert wine at the end of the night.

IMG_4117 copy

The menu included designs by artist Jacob Vuk, with each menu coming with different artwork on the back.

IMG_4131 copy

For $50, the event was well worth it and it was exciting to see a budding chef experiment at only 19 years of age. I found some dishes lacked a ‘wow’ factor but I loved each dish’s unique offering and creative ideas.

If Henry continues these events to develop his style, I can see he is definitely going to make his mark on the Melbourne scene.

See more of the dishes below. For a not-so-clear view of the menu click here.

IMG_4111 copy

Mussels, Chive Flower, White Wine & Shallots

IMG_4116 copy

Beetroot Tartlets and Gold

IMG_4119 copy

Braised Beef Cheek and Smoked Bone Marrow


IMG_4136 copy

Lamb, Kiwifruit and Thyme

IMG_4144 copy

Smoked Orange Mousse Cigar

If you want to keep up to date with future events by Morsels, follow their Facebook here or subscribe here.


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