Western Australia: Yallingup

It’s time for another long overdue adventure recap. This time? Western Australia.

We visited the West coast of Australia around March and luckily the weather was still looking sunny.

Unfortunately, The Adventouriist only realised on the plane ride that the beach waters would be cold!

The trip started off with a bit of a debacle, or as we like to call them, ‘misadventures’. Here’s a dotpoint summary of what went down below:

6.35am: misses check-in time for flight
3pm: takes the next cheapest flight
6pm: negotiates with our vehicle rental to stay open later so we can get the campervan (and have somewhere to sleep – thanks Lucky Rentals!)
7pm: goes grocery shopping so we don’t have to squeeze it in the next day and so we have food for breakfast.
8pm: makes the 3 hour drive to Yallingup to ensure we stay on track for our itinerary and because we already booked the caravan park. Picks up Maccas dinner along the way, which The Adventouriist rarely ever eats. This was considered a very low point of her life.
11.30pm: arrives at caravan park, technically it’s about 2.30am in Melbourne time so we are knackered.

The Vehicle: Lucky Rentals, 110 Francis St, Perth
We did all this so we wouldn’t lag behind for our itinerary and caravan park bookings. Some of you may recall my campervan trip around Tasmania – our vehicle this time was more of a van turned into a home. Dubbed the “Lucky Rookie” it came to around $330 for eight days.

WA Map

A map we spotted at the beginning of our “Douth”/ down south journey

During the day there were benches and storage in the seats. At night, we lay out some bedding that stretched across the benches. The back also included an esky and pull-out gas stove – a little downgrade from our campervan complete with sink, stove and microwave in Tassie, but still sufficient nonetheless.

The Lucky Rookie Campervan

As discussed in my previous blogs, a lot of caravan parks have communal kitchens anyway to cook in, so we didn’t have to use the stove too often!

Yallingup Beach
I know a few people from Perth so it’s always great to have some advice from locals. The first lingo I learnt was ‘douth’, apparently referring to any areas when travelling ‘down south’ from Perth.


We started in Yallingup as my friend recommended the beaches and I read there were some good snorkelling spots.


We bought snorkels from Melbourne so we didn’t have to hire anything. I can’t swim so we usually snorkelled in shallow areas.

Exploring our little nook!

Exploring the little nook!

Yallingup was nice and peaceful, especially when we found this little nook in between beaches. We hung our things on the rocks and went snorkelling, unfortunately the bottom of the ocean was quite rocky in this area. We saw some little fish but not much else. Maybe we need to invest in a life jacket so I can snorkel further haha.
img_1141-copy img_1151-copy-2

Canal Rocks: End of Canal Rocks Rd, Yallingup
The Canal Rocks are a popular tourist site also located in Yallingup. When you see them, you don’t doubt why. The waves were crashing fiercely from the ocean into the rocks but somehow it seemed so peaceful to watch.


Some brave visitors were even in the water waiting to jump in and move with the waves.


If you’re in this area, I’d highly recommend this site!


Cape Lavender Tea House: 2 Canal Rocks Rd, Yallingup
We were about to embark on another long drive, so we dropped by this cute lavender eatery located on the road leading to the Canal Rocks.


We had some coffees, a lavender scone and some lavender ice-cream – that and the iced coffee really hit the spot for the warm, Perth day.

Cape Lavender Margaret River Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We squeezed in a lot of driving because we had a limited number of days to complete the Perth-Esperance-Perth road trip. We made note of the places we wanted to go and still ensured we had enough time to enjoy it – but we were also open to long drives between places!

Stay tuned for the next instalment – and don’t worry, there were less debacles after Day 1!

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