Western Australia: Hamelin Bay & Denmark

After exploring Yallingup, we headed further ‘douth’ (down south) along the Western Australian coast.

But not really – because you mainly jump on a lot of freeways in WA, meaning you don’t really get too much of a view.

Hamelin Bay: Hamelin Bay Rd, Hamelin Bay
Hamelin Bay is another destination that popped up in my research for places to snorkel in WA. After finding that, I couldn’t find too much else online about places in the south, so we decided we would just bring our snorkels along everywhere and play it by ear.


I heard that you see a lot of stingrays there. We learnt about how harmless stingrays can be whilst at Daydream Island in Queensland, so I was looking forward to see a few in their natural habitat.

Walking up to the beach, we saw a few signs warning us to look out for stingrays, so we were on alert.


Unfortunately, the entire time we were there, we saw none! We strolled around to discover the nooks and crannies of the beach but didn’t see much except some chunks of seaweed.

The pro was that it was still a burning hot day, so dipping in the cold waters gave us a bit of time to cool down and relax.

Big4 Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park: 770 Oceans Beach Rd, Denmark
Our next big drive was to Denmark. Yes, apparently there is a Denmark in Western Australia!

This caravan park in Denmark is part of the Big4 franchise and it really impressed us. I guess it was also because it was off-peak period but the powered and unpowered sites for caravans/campervans were very spacious. Even the roads inside the park were clear and paved.

Image courtesy of the Big4 website

The kitchen was like a large hall, complete with boardgames on the shelves. The amenity blocks were large and clean too. Basically, we felt very at home in this park!

Green Pools: William Bay National Park, Denmark
I guess the name speaks for itself. Green Pools is a hotspot in Demark for visitors and it’s no wonder as you take in the blue/green water with a backdrop of blue skies.


The rocks really add to the scenery and you can climb a few on the edges to get more fantastic views. We did a bit of snorkelling but we also enjoyed walking along the stretch of beach. It was a perfect day but of course, the water was still cold!


Each time I had to do a bit of mental preparation before I submerge myself in the cold waters. The photo below merely shows me trying to soak up some sun after getting out of the water!


It was a great place to relax. Even though it’s a popular spot, it’s large enough so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by crowds and perfect to snap some scenic photos.



Elephant RocksWilliam Bay National Park, Denmark
After the Green Pools, we drove over to the Elephant Rocks and then realised we could have easily walked over. Oops! You’ll be greeted by some stairs amidst the greenery of the national park, leading you down to the beach.


There are also some benches along the way so you can admire views like the one below.


When we reached the bottom, we were a tad underwhelmed because of the great views at Green Pools. The rocks are still amazing formations yet the beach and scenery didn’t quite live up to Green Pools.


I would have liked to explore a bit more in this corner of Western Australia – not just Denmark. However, we had to cope with the delay from our first day, so we were happy to spend a decent amount of time relaxing and enjoying William Bay National Park before our next stop.

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