Western Australia: Esperance

Why, hi there. You may be wondering if I still even write this blog. I haven’t forgot about it, trust me. I haven’t given up. In fact I had a bit of a crazy end to 2016 with a new job and moving house, so here I am, back and slightly less stressed/busy.

So when I last dropped off, I was writing about my WA adventures. It’s nearly been a year since then in typical Mon style – but it’s better late than never!

Beaches: Twilight Beach Rd
In the limited time that we had, we somehow made our way from Perth to Esperance to explore an area that many locals dub as their favourite getaway spot.

After driving past Pink Lake – which wasn’t that pink at all – we followed the main road, Twilight Beach Road. We drove along the beaches first and witnessed some magnificent blue views of the coast.

IMG_1520 copy

IMG_1569 copy

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Twilight Beach

We then beach hopped from spot to spot, including the famous Twilight Beach. They were all very peaceful and not too crowded since it wasn’t a holiday period in WA. We tried to drive the road again at sunset but it became super cloudy so we couldn’t see much at all.


Cape Le Grand National Park: Le Grand Rd, Esperance
Another popular destination in Esperance is Cape Le Grand National Park. It’s known especially for Lucky Bay, where it is the norm to see kangaroos jumping along the beach.

IMG_1626 copy

Entry per vehicle is $11 as you drive in. We decided to complete a hike first and tackled Frenchman’s Peak. It took maybe less than two hours or just about, as we lingered for some time at the top.

IMG_1581 copy

It’s quite steep but the slope has a lot of grooves to wedge your foot in, making it easier than it looks. However if you don’t like heights or steep climbs, it’s still a good idea to take your time as we did. I saw some experienced hikers speed through it.

IMG_1589 copy

IMG_1595 copy

Unfortunately it was overcast on our visit, meaning the view from the peak was peaceful but not stunning.

IMG_1613 copy

To wind down afterwards, we visited some of the many beaches including Lucky Bay, known for its many kangaroo sightings along the beach. We did indeed spot some kangaroos and as we went to take some photos, one came right up to our camera. Very cute!

IMG_1745 copy

IMG_1659 copy

Although it was overcast some of the beach views were still amazing, making you feel small in comparison to the vast ocean. Find more information about the national park here.

IMG_1697 copy

Coffee Cat: 1A The Esplanade, Esperance
During my research of the area, I discovered there was a popular coffee van in town located along the Esplanade.


Upon arrival we also discovered a juice van so we picked up something from both vans. The Coffee Cat was busy with locals and tourists, and they give you a buzzer so you can stroll in the vicinity whilst you wait.


The coffee was quite good for a regional area of WA and provided us a caffeine hit for our next big drive back to Perth.

Ollies Cafe: 51 The Esplanade, Esperance
We also opted for some brunch before our big drive and chose to visit Ollies as it seemed highly rated on Zomato.


The atmosphere itself just felt like your everyday local with old-school laminated menus, yet extensive ones.

20160317_091740 copy

We were fascinated that there were even half serves of dishes. We chose a normal big brekky as well as an Asian-inspired pork dish – both super filling but also expensive as everything is in WA.

Ollies Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So is Esperance worth the hype? It was definitely beautiful and Cape le Grand was a fun experience. However, I just have a feeling that the northern end of WA would be even more impressive. And so far, it doesn’t beat Queensland.

I’ll just have to make the trip there on another occasion to compare. Stay tuned for two more installments of my WA adventures after our Esperance departure. For now, hope you enjoy the many photos below encapsulating my trip.

20160315_142350 20160315_142403 20160315_153603

IMG_1871 copy


IMG_1755 copy IMG_1769 copy IMG_1805 copy


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