Western Australia: Hyden, Rottnest Island & Perth

So it’s taken so long to finish this series that this will be my last instalment! We left Esperance to head back to Fremantle and Perth for our last few days. Here’s what we got up to:

Wave Rock, Hyden
If you take the inland route from Esperance to Fremantle you’ll be subjected to a 7.5 hour drive of mainly nothing…

IMG_1931 copy

The towns are remote and without a coast, it’s mostly farms, bushland and desert. In the midst of the desert lies the one place you can stop by – Wave Rock.

The name is very literal, there’s a rock that looks like a wave and it makes an excellent picture backdrop as per below.

IMG_1892 copy

We continued on another hike since we had time, but there wasn’t a great deal to see and the flies weren’t fun to deal with.

IMG_1976 copy

Rottnest Island
We decided to stay in Fremantle as it was slightly closer to drive to and it’s a shorter ferry trip to Rottnest Island.

It seems that ‘Rotto’ is a must for tourists as well as locals, so we decided to spare a day for it. When you first get off, you’ll find yourself in a hub of shops.

IMG_2136 copy

The best way to explore the island is by hiring a bike and riding around to the different beaches. You can book this along with your ferry ticket.

IMG_2077 copy

It was nice dropping by various beaches and relaxing at each depending on the number of other people present.

IMG_2011 copy

Quokkas are also a popular reason to visit. There are plenty on the island but you don’t see them everywhere, you just have to keep an eye out for them.

IMG_2068 copy

We made it around to most of the island although the uphill terrain on the far end did challenge me physically (lots of walking instead!) Cyling allows you to explore at your own pace which made the day relaxing and fun. Prepare for sore legs the next day – but it’s definitely worth it.

Our final day involved a few more stops as we returned our beloved hippy van. I made it to Corica Pastries in Northbridge 15 minutes before closing time to get one of their famous Apple Strudels to bring back to Melbourne – and it was worth every cent.

We then met a friend for brunch at Harvest Espresso, our last meal before departure. Even though it was in the outskirts of the city in Victoria Park, this little cafe had a very Melbourne vibe to it, probably because there was a wait to get in!

20160319_132146 copy

Dishes were simple yet tasty. I had a riz au lait, a rice pudding with poached pears and white chocolate. We found a lot of things expensive in the rural areas but the brunch was on par with Melbourne – perhaps a smooth transition to us returning home!

See their current menu here.

20160319_133751 copy

Harvest Espresso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

And so ends the adventures of Mon in WA (a year+ later).

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Western Australia was a fun way to live a carefree lifestyle for a week and to explore the southern coast (‘douth’/’down south’ in the WA lingo). I am eager to return one day to travel up north next time (what do you think they call that one?)

Stay tuned for my next adventure: the Philippines! (Notice a trend in weather here…?)


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