Embrace the Ginger People

Ginger and I have a love-hate relationship – I regret every time I accidentally bite into a piece in a meal but I love the flavours it brings to dishes.

It’s not cheap and I sometimes I omit ginger when cooking just because I’m a tad lazy, so I was fascinated when I was offered to try a new range of ready-made ginger products from The Ginger People.

Firstly, I sampled a Ginger Syrup, which sounds a little gross to me but it is actually quite sweet with the addition of sugarcane. I added a dash to my tea as suggested on the label as my throat wasn’t feeling too well and it definitely helped soothe my throat and tasted great too.

I’m told that a lot of people also add it to coffee but being a Melbourne coffee snob – this just doesn’t seem right to me! I’d be interested to try it with some sort of breakfast meal like my morning oats and yogurt.

Next I tried the Ginger Juice – no, not straight out of the bottle, although taking a shot of it is a suggestion! It also suggests that the juice can be used to replace fresh ginger. Having just returned from the Philippines, I decided to marinate some chicken Filipino-style (BBQ chicken is very popular there). As I had to process some ingredients for the marinade, I thought this would be the perfect recipe to replace ginger with the juice. Very handy.

Needing some vegies on the side, I decided to bake an assortment with an Asian-inspired maple syrup glaze, which required a dash of ginger. This is where I used my ready-chopped Minced Ginger. These last two products really assist in reducing the time of peeling and grating a small bit of ginger for a large recipe.

I still have one more product up my sleeve – the Pickled Sushi Ginger. Despite my mixed feelings for ginger, I love the palate-cleanse that pickled ginger provides on the side of your sushi. I’m saving it for the next time I have sushi or make some Japanese curry.

Find out more about these products here.

Mon’s Adventure was provided with some samples to test by The Ginger People. All opinions are my own.

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