Welcome to Mon’s Adventure! I’m Monique and here you can find some answers about what this blog is about.

What’s in a name?
Originally “mon aventure”, which means my adventure in French, the “mon” (my) also referred to my name – Mon! But to make myself more memorable I’ve now changed to Mon’s Adventure. Don’t forget to check out my other blogs monsadventure.tumblr.com and instagram.com/monsadventure!

What is it about?
I love food. I know you’re thinking, “Everyone does!” but I am that person who looks like I can’t eat much, then surprises all the waiters and waitresses all over Melbourne by ordering more.

I also love to write and tell stories. I find my reviews are at the same time telling a story and trying to make sure I share the full experience with you. I enjoy finding new little places and I love sharing this journey with other passionate writers and business owners.

In addition to this, I have other blogs (Weekendnotes and Livlicious) about discovering everything there is to do in Melbourne/Victoria, including roadtrips. So, there will be updates on these other blogs and articles here and there.

Send me an email at monaventuremelb[at]gmail[dot]com, whether you want to provide some feedback or meet up and talk about adventures!

My friend the.adventouriist also contributes her photography to the blog. Contact her at at the.adventouriist[at]gmail[dot]com.