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A City of Foodies

Travelling to other states really highlights the unique foodie culture of Melbourne. Taking photos of your food doesn't feel as normal in Tassie or Queensland, and a look at Tassie's Urbanspoon shows a lack of bloggers too. I guess this shows that Melbourne was probably a good foodie scene to get into and I'm glad I can be ...


Merry Weekendnotes!

It's that season where you finally get to have a break and enjoy your time off. In the spirit of spending your time doing fun things and not working, here's a Weekendnotes update if you haven't had a chance to see my latest articles. Host a Charity Dinner for the Philippines: article To do our part and assist the ...


Treasure Hunt in Daylesford

Apologies in advance everyone, I'm changing jobs so I'm not sure how much time I will have for the blog. I will try my best to keep it going, I have some drafts and ideas already floating around, so never fear! In the meantime, keep up to date with my Weekendnotes posts! I've just written about a little treasure that I ...