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Grampians Day 2

We were only staying one night in Hall's Gap - so the logical thing on our last day in this gorgeous park was to see the sunrise! For reference, we went around April and it wasn't really cold for Day 1 since it was sunny. Night wasn't too bad either...until around 9pm. This is when you want to be layered and snuggled in your ...

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Grampians Day 1

We are finally moving on from Queensland and Tassie! Moving back to something local, my girl friends and I decided to spend two days in the Grampians. I wrote a listicle about the weekend here, but I'd love to share our weekend in more depth! Beaufort If you can't survive the whole 3 hours to the Grampians, Beaufort is an ...

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I always thought 'tidbits' meant a bit of information or gossip, but who knew it also means a small piece of food? Mindblown and so very suitable for a food blogger! I haven't had a chance to link you to some of my other articles lately from Weekendnotes and Livlicious, so here it goes! Sezar What is Armenian food? Is ...