Mallee District

Murray-Sunset Misadventure Pt 3

The last day of our trip in the outback was destined to be a driving day. We packed up in the morning and decided to try see one last lake on the way back to Melbourne. It is also supposed to be tinged slightly pink in some lights so we had one last chance to try and see a pink lake. It was a little less than 2 hours from ...


Murray-Sunset Misadventure Pt 2

As we awoke on our first morning in the park, we could hear what sounded like an army of birds outside. So much that we were afraid one step outside would lead to a sudden swoop, but this wasn't the case luckily. Lake HattahWe utilised the BBQ shelter for our breakfast not far from the main lake where someone had left ...

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Murray-Sunset Misadventure Pt 1

If you didn't hear, last year Victorians were treated to an extra public holiday. It was confirmed that we would get the Friday before the AFL Grand Final off - meaning an extra long weekend for non-footy fans. We took advantage of this and decided to go camping in the Murray-Sunset National Park near the pink lakes. At ...