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Winter Morsels Degustation

Earlier this year, I attended a special dinner located down a dark alleyway off Victoria St - in other words, a true Melbourne event. A little further down from Jinda Thai, a staircase paved the way to some pumping tunes and a room full of people waiting to experience the wonders of Henry Salt. Henry is an ...

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Kitty Burns

The popularity of Instagram means food is no longer just food. Foodies want visuals - pretty food, sleek interiors and good lighting. Oh - and for the food to taste good. Kitty Burns has a lot of that going for them, hence why it's so popular now. Hidden in the new walkway area along the Yarra, Acacia Place, it takes you ...


Mission #2: The Farm Cafe

I set out the other day to meet Melbourne Food Blogger for coffee and in line with my outdoors mission, we decided to give The Farm Cafe at Collingwood Children's Farm a go. ...


Shizuku Ramen

Almost a year later (ok not quite), I find myself back at Shizuku Ramen to try their new and revamped menu. I quite enjoyed it the first time, so was looking forward to giving it another go. Their new menu has a wide variety now, compared to the last time I visited when it all fit onto one page. They've now expanded ...


Jinda Thai Restaurant

After seeing photo after photo on my Instagram feed, it finally sunk in that this Thai restaurant is on my train line, thus I found an excuse to drop by for dinner with friends. Although it was only mid-week and around 6.30pm, this place was packed, and I was surprised to see a long receipt-like list of bookings for the ...


Japanese Burgers

Don't be fooled - this isn't just another burger post, but a post about Japanese food with a twist. If the typical sloppy meat burgers aren't your thing, or you're looking to try something a bit different, did you know there are sushi and ramen burgers in town? If not, now you do! If curiosity is biting at you right now, read ...