Dog House

Dog lovers in Melbourne have probably heard of the new dog cafe that just opened in Collingwood. No, it's not like the cat cafe, it's a cafe FOR your dog. Humans take a back seat in this setting, with only coffee and premade snacks available. But the options for your dog are almost endless! The front section has ...


Mission #4: Industry Beans Everyday

Not long ago, I met up again with Melbourne Food Blogger for brunch in the inner suburbs. I don't get out to brunch too often, so am a bit behind on some of the biggest trends. ...


Pabu Grill & Sake

Pabu Grill and Sake involves a Vietnamese person putting his modern twist on Japanese izakaya aka tapas dishes. With its dim decor, you could miss it on the underwhelming street of Smith St. In fact, I thought it looked quiet, but upon stepping in, observed all the tables to be taken and only seats at the bar available. We ...