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Maedaya – Washoku Lovers’ Event

The Adventouriist and I were lucky enough to attend an intimate sake-matching dinner with Miss Runway Foodie, The Hungry Excavator and Washoku Lovers a few weeks ago. Washoku Lovers is a club offering discounts for authentic Japanese restaurants, mostly in Sydney. As they branch out into Melbourne, Maedaya has become ...



Another weekend, another spontaneous adventure. I initially wanted to drop by the Richmond Food Truck Park but heard it closes at 8.30pm. It was after 8 so we thought we'd switch plans. After a quick search for Japanese we came across Dekoboko on Bridge Rd. It's a quaint little spot, drinks on a wall of modern shelves, ...


Tree of Us

If you haven't noticed, I love to take on people's recommendations. I mean, rather than pondering over mixed reviews on Urbanspoon, that comfort of having the approval come from someone you know just provides that extra weight. Thus, Tree of Us sits on my list of places to go after The Sunday Oven told me where she thinks ...


Top Paddock

In a bid to resist unnecessary purchases on Boxing Day, we ventured to Richmond instead to have unnecessary fancy brunch. I've heard lots of raving about Top Paddock yet I've always been dubious about visiting due to reviews talking about lack of service. But you never know unless you try, and service was not what ...


Japanese Burgers

Don't be fooled - this isn't just another burger post, but a post about Japanese food with a twist. If the typical sloppy meat burgers aren't your thing, or you're looking to try something a bit different, did you know there are sushi and ramen burgers in town? If not, now you do! If curiosity is biting at you right now, read ...