South Melbourne

Mission #1: Shakahari Too (Event)

The Event As part of my monthly mission, I decided I would also hold a monthly event to go along with it! This would allow bloggers and friends to join me, allowing some interaction and fun offline and not just online. You can imagine how nervous I was when I started inviting friends to a vegetarian event... Luckily, ...


Mr Loy’s Puff

Whilst Melbourne's weather becomes chillier, we braved the cold in the evening to visit Mr Loy's Puff, a small takeaway shop that serves Singaporean hawker food. The location is a bit out of the city, thus it's part of a little strip of shops that's more likely to be bustling at lunch rather than on a week night. The ...

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Chez Dré

A trip down memory lane often leads to memories of food. It's been a little busy lately so apologies for the lack of posts, but as I tried to rack my brain for places worthy of writing about that were visited a long time ago, Chez Dré came to mind. Was it the delicious brunch food or desserts that keep it still in my mind? ...


Merry Weekendnotes!

It's that season where you finally get to have a break and enjoy your time off. In the spirit of spending your time doing fun things and not working, here's a Weekendnotes update if you haven't had a chance to see my latest articles. Host a Charity Dinner for the Philippines: article To do our part and assist the ...


Dahon Tea Lounge

This is what my friend (and I guess a lot of Melbourne) have been waiting for - a Filipino restaurant. Located in the shopping centre of South Melbourne Central, we found Dahon Tea Lounge a little hard to find the first time, until we realised its entrance is much easier to find from York St and not from within the centre ...