Asian Cheap Eats

Let's admit it, there will always be a time when you crave cheap Asian food. I recently got to meet Kenny from the popular Western suburbs' blog, Consider the Sauce, and we discussed how many people review the same popular places in the CBD etc, whilst he tends to go for the 'ghetto' places. He makes a good point, and I ...


Insiders & Adventures!

Insiders of the month: June If you haven't noticed my Insiders on the right hand side this month, then you better check them out now! Recommendations include my sister's friend's new joint in Thornbury, Jerry Joy. She also used to own the Foodrinkery in Burwood. Something else that seems to be all the rage is the new ...


Authentic Vietnamese Spots

As a person of Vietnamese background, I would voice the usual opinion that a mother's cooking is better compared to eating (Vietnamese food) out. But when I do happen to eat out, here's a few places that I'd recommend. To try authentic Vietnamese food, you'll have to leave all preferences for atmosphere and ambience at the ...